Why We LOVE the HAULWAY Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift

haulway chair lift

We tried, but we can’t hold it back:

We’re in love.

We’re in head over heels, heart pounding, makes-you-loopy love with the HAULWAY Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift! Rather than keeping it to ourselves, we want to share exactly why this lift makes the perfect partner for your mobility device:

  • It’s adaptable: Whether it’s a medium-sized scooter or a four-wheeled complex power chair, HAULWAY Standard won’t discriminate with its care. Holding weight capacities up to 275 pounds, it can accommodate a range of mobility devices. It’s ready to flex to your needs, with the addition of the optional Swingaway installation, which allows total access to your vehicle’s tailgate, rear door, and cargo area with utter ease.
  • It’s all about offering support: This love is built on security. The hold-down arm eliminates the need for cumbersome straps or rope, locking your mobility chair in place while on the move, and a full boxed frame offers added protection and peace of mind as it protects your precious cargo. Like a giant hug, the integrated suspension system even keeps your chair snugly in place to protect it from bumps in the road.
  • It’s there for you when and how you need it: Van? SUV? Truck? Take your pick. It works in tandem with any vehicle capable of supporting a Hitch Class level II or III, opening the door for easy transport adventures.
  • It picks up after itself: Talk about low maintenance. HAULWAY automatically folds up when not in use, neatly packing itself up out of your way without being told. With a quick turn of a key, the lift raises and lowers your mobility device with an automatic tilt to protect the safety of both you and your chair.
  • It’s in it for the long-term: Made with durable materials to withstand the toughest of storms, HAULWAY isn’t prepared to flake on you anytime soon. However, it comes with a three-year limited warranty to protect your purchase from life’s curveballs.

If you’re not feeling the love, HAULWAY offers other chair lift options to help you find The One. Let a representative at EZ-ACCESS know how they can play matchmaker to find the perfect accessibility product for you today!