Top Products to Aid in Your Caregiving Routine












At EZ-ACCESS, we recognize caregivers across the world for their commitment and dedication. This November, celebrate National Caregivers Month with these tips to help you and your loved one in your day-to-day routine.

Safety proof their surroundings. Areas such as the bathroom offer potential risk of injury. For patients with limited mobility, EZ-ACCESS has a wide range of helpful tools such as the TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift . Equipped with an easy to use Companion Control, it allows both the individual and caregiver to operate the seat with a push of a button. Combining the functionality of a heavy duty commode with a lift chair, it is an easy-to-use bathroom safety solution.

Find the ramp you need. At EZ-ACCESS, we know that ramps are one of the key ways to provide secure accessibility for your loved one.  However, it can be difficult to determine which ramp fits your needs. To aid in the this process, EZ-ACCESS offers our ramp selector tool. This resource allows you to pinpoint your requirements, from vehicle to home use, and get the ramp that’s right. Using this resource as well as our incline calculator limits the potential frustration and takes out the guesswork.

Look to lifts. If a ramp increases congestion in the entrance of your home, you may want to turn to vertical platform lifts. The HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift provides sturdy security and functionality for large scooters and power chairs. With a 325-pound weight capacity, it is the safe and secure way to improve accessibility. By incorporating a universal tray design, your loved one will have a wide range of mobility devices available so that you can breathe easier.

At EZ-ACCESS, we know that caregiving is an important commitment. For additional support, our line of aids to daily living can help benefit you and your loved one.