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Safety for Your Heavy-Lifting Workers: Why Your Company Needs Commercial Ramps and Stair Systems

Heavy lifting at work

Ramps and stair systems not only make your workers more efficient, they keep them safe! Learn how!

If you work for or own a moving business or any business in which heavy materials are lifted by workers, you are probably aware of the dangers and risks associated with heavy lifting, pushing and pulling. EZ-ACCESS understands the importance of worker safety. That’s why we have the most durable and functional commercial ramps and stair systems to fit the needs of your business and keep your workers safe and efficient. Our commercial fleet systems can make your business a better place to work. Learn more about the options we offer below and the issues they solve for heavy-lifting workers.
Pulling vs. Pushing: The Traverse Multi-Purpose Ramp
According to OSHA, pushing heavy objects is much healthier and safer for the body than pulling them. Pushing uses large muscle groups and allows workers to apply more force to the load, therefore reducing strain and the risk for injury.
With the Aluminum Traverse Loading Ramp, workers can easily push materials down and up the ramp, which can be used on delivery trucks, loading docks, construction sites, trailers or storage units. This ramp is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 foot lengths with a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds. The 12 foot and 14 foot length models have a weight capacity of 850 pounds. The Traverse ramp is light enough to carry and strong enough to do the job.
Lifting with the Legs at 90 Degrees: The Fortress OSHA Stair System
While a different approach may be needed for each new lift depending on the size, weight and shape of the object being lifted, it is generally safe to lift by bending the knees to 90 degrees, picking up the object, holding it in the “Power Zone” (between mid-chest and mid-thigh), and lifting with the legs instead of straining the back. It is dangerous if workers have to step up to a platform by extending their legs farther than 90 degrees and lift.
The Fortress OSHA Stair System eliminates that problem. It provides temporary or permanent stair access to mobile modular buildings, portable classrooms, temporary job sites, cargo trailers and more. The stair system can be adjusted to fit any lot configuration or layout. It’s compliant with recommended OSHA lifting guidelines.
Keep your workers safe by providing them with a commercial ramp or stair system from EZ-ACCESS. Our commercial systems provide a safe, convenient, functional work environment for your heavy-lifting workers.