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Taking Winter by Storm: Beating the Winter Blues

winter blues

Bears have it made. When the winds howl, drifts climb, and temperatures plummet, they can curl up in their cozy dens and snooze for a couple of months until winter passes. No such luck for you and your daily duties that force you to brave the season, as well as the possibility of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Beat the winter blues and make the most of this frigid time of year with a couple of pointers from EZ-ACCESS:

• Exercise: Fitness is key to keeping both physical and mental health top notch. The blast of endorphins from a moderate-intensity workout will give you a boost, and engaging in an activity you love will give you something to look forward to. Try a water jogging or aerobics class at your local gym, or drum up an at-home workout via Youtube to experiment with new genres of exercise.

  • Balance Your Diet: Although the chill may send you reaching for warm, heavy dishes and comfort carbs, fill out your plate with more variety. An overdose of processed foods will make your energy drag and moods swing all over the place. Experiment cooking with winter vegetables like winter squash, brussel sprouts, and parsnips to mix up your meals and add a dash of variety to your day.
  • Follow Through with Resolutions: If you made the annual New Year’s promise, stick with it. Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals gives you something to work towards, renewing a sense of purpose on blustery days that make you feel blah.
  • Treat Yourself: Look at that, you’ve accomplished one of those resolutions? Celebrate! Whether it’s a weekend trip to explore a new city, a massage, a coffee outing with friends, or a skills class at your local library, finding ways to build yourself up when the weather’s trying to do the opposite is critical. Scheduling a fun activity a week or two in advance will build anticipation that makes the event even more satisfying.
  • Lean On Each Other: Don’t let the season box you into your home and away from those that can help perk you up. Your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers are feeling the winter burn just as sharply as you are, and they’ll be thrilled by a lunch date, quick phone chat, or surprise card in the mail.

If you’re worried winter may reduce your mobility, EZ-ACCESS has a number of ramps and mobility chair accessories to help keep you moving. Take a look through our online catalog to find the daily aids that will help you charge into the cold with head held high!