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2014: The Year for Accessibility

Have you put any thought into your 2014 New Year’s Resolution?  If you or a loved one has limited mobility or your life involves accessibility in some form, EZ-ACCESS would like to encourage you to make 2014 the year for accessibility.  Help others with limited mobility by spreading awareness of you or your loved one’s abilities and disabilities.  By increasing awareness, we can help make our communities more accessibility-minded and encourage those with disabilities to live well beyond limits!
How do we spread awareness?

  1. If you or your loved one has limited mobility, show the community that it doesn’t keep you from getting involved.  Get out and get active in the community.  Volunteer and give back to the community through local civic organizations, local charities and local events.
  2. Become an expert in your trade.  This could mean taking classes to fine tune a favorite hobby of yours, pursuing a higher education or striving to exceed expectations at work by becoming a model employee.
  3. Be an advocate for Americans with disabilities.  Be the change you want to see by joining your community’s advocacy groups, taking part in local meetings and speaking out for local accessibility.
  4. Do all of this with a positive attitude.  You can’t encourage others without encouraging yourself first.  Turn off any negative self-talk and find ways to constantly improve your self image.  A great way to do this is by finding a role model.  Look to someone with a disability who has accomplished great things and represented themselves well.

From everyone at EZ-ACCESS, go out and make this year count.  Know that your words and actions speak volumes.  Take the opportunity this year to encourage yourself, encourage others and let the world know what you’re doing to strengthen your community and make it more accessible for generations to come!