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Portable Ramps and Threshold Ramps for Thanksgiving

A portable ramp will make it easier for guests to get in your house.


So, you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your place, huh? Sitting down and sharing a seemingly endless meal of good food and great company with your family will undoubtedly be a fun time. However, it also means there’s going to be a lot of stuff on your plate, literally and figuratively, as you plan to accommodate extra people in your home.

EZ-ACCESS hopes to take some of the stress out of hosting Thanksgiving at your home. If you’re cooking, cleaning and setting the table, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether everyone can make it through the front door. Let us take care of that with one of our residential ramp that will make it easier for a family member with limited mobility to make it into your home.

Portable Ramps for Thanksgiving

One of those portable ramps that can help add access to your home is our SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp. The best thing about this portable ramp is its portability, which allows the ramp to be easily folded up so it can be carried to your destination. When you need to use it, simply unfold it and securely place it. The portable ramp will do the rest.

Threshold Ramps for Thanksgiving

Maybe you don’t need a portable ramp, but it can still be a little tough to get someone with a mobility scooter or wheelchair over the threshold and through the front door. If that’s the case, you may want to consider our TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat or the TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat. Both of these threshold ramps are easy to transport and place to provide a smooth transition over your thresholds so members of your family can easily get in and out of your home on Thanksgiving.

If you’re not sure which of our portable ramp or mat systems is the best fit for your home, use the EZ-ACCESS ramp selector tool, which can help you  find out which of our products will work best to suit your needs. We hope we can help take out some of the stress from your hosting duties, that way you can focus on enjoying the time with your family.

Ramp Up the Appeal of Your Home with Threshold Ramps

threshold ramp EZ-ACCESS
Falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults. There are a number of obstacles inside and outside a home that can cause a loved one to trip over and fall off their walker, scooter or wheelchair.  EZ-ACCESS® carries a variety of portable ramps that may be an essential option for your independence and getting around on your own.  Let’s find out how you can ramp up the access to your home by using portable ramps systems from EZ-ACCESS®!
EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps come in various lengths and are wide enough for scooters while leaving enough step width for guests to walk up. Portable folding ramps can help you get over doorway thresholds up several steps to your front or back porch.  EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps can range from single-fold or multiple-fold ramps that you can take with you and use to get into your vehicle, home or business, or wherever else you’re traveling.  These types of ramps are usually a temporary or short-term solution.
EZ-ACCESS® Transition ramps help get people through doors by effortlessly and safely allowing you to roll over the cracks and bumps in the doorways of your home or business.  These threshold ramps can be easily installed and removed if they are no longer needed or to be used in other locations. Most EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps are made from aluminum which makes them lightweight, but strong enough to withstand any mobility option and user.  EZ-ACCESS also has threshold ramps made of rubber that provide a quieter and softer ride and look like a welcome mat.
EZ-ACCESS® has a portable ramp to fit everyone’s needs. Feel free to contact EZ-ACCESS® where we can help pair your mobility needs to the right portable ramp for your home, business or vehicle.  Hopefully, we have helped with your decision on which portable ramp to get for your needs!