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Stay Safe with These 3 Platform Lift Enhancements

Image of Man in Wheelchair on Platform Lift

At EZ-ACCESS, we are driven by our commitment to provide access solutions that break through barriers of daily life. The Passport Vertical Lift is a great solution for any difficult pathway, porch or platform, providing easy navigation to and from your home. With the addition of Passport Vertical Platform Lift accessories, you can get the most out of your equipment while staying safe and mobile.


  1. Passport Top Landing Gate

In order to prevent improper operation as well as keep your rider safe and protected, use the Passport Top Landing Gate. The gate provides an extra precaution, especially during the upcoming winter months. With the combination of a Pathway Connector Kit, the Top Landing Gate can also quickly be connected to a PATHWAY Modular Access System platform.

  1. Passport Platform Safety Rail

Simple installation of the Passport Platform Safety Rail enhances the stability of the rider and the lift’s operator. As snow, sleet, and ice begin to fall, the Platform Safety Rail gives you increased security when loading and unloading the lift.

  1. Passport Platform Weather Guard

Weather debris can cover and clog your platform lift. Keep your equipment clear with the Passport Platform Weather Guard. Using the Weather Guard, the Safety Pan on your Passport Vertical Platform Lift will stay clean and protected with a quick click into place.


EZ-ACCESS’s wide variety of product options will help you customize the Passport Vertical Platform Lift to get the most out of your equipment. For even more options, visit ezaccess.com/accessories and enhance your lift and increase your mobility today!

10 Reasons to love the Passport Vertical Platform Lift

love the passport vertical platform lift

Even though everyone claims they don’t have a favorite, you know they do.  We aren’t afraid to admit that we love all our products, but we are a little more in love with the Passport® Vertical Platform Lift.  With its sleek design, easy operation, lightweight frame and enchanting safety features, who wouldn’t love the Passport!

  1. Lightweight Lift – Coming in at a slim 380 pounds, the Passport® Vertical Platform Lift is the lightest residential platform lift on the market. That’s 300 pounds lighter than most comparable vertical platform lifts!
  2. Prewired for your Convenience – Both the lift tower and gate come prewired so that the Passport Vertical Platform Lift is extremely easy to set up. Just plug in and start it up!
  3. Tested and Approved – This Vertical Platform Lift has passed its tests and carries the ETL Listed Mark for safety.
  4. DC-Powered – The Passport is DC powered and can complete about 30 cycles!
  5. Amazing Strength – This VPL can lift up to 750 pounds, almost two times the weight of the entire lift!
  6. Comes when you call – Using the Call-Send control with a mushroom-head design for your convenience, you can easily make the Passport come to you from top or bottom of the landing!
  7. Go wireless – It even offers a wireless remote to operate the Passport Vertical Platform Lift from inside your house or in the car!
  8. Super safe – The Passport comes with a variety of safety options such as the platform safety rail, interlock system, top landing gate and safety pan weather guard.
  9. Weather Strong – With waterproof controls and arctic-rated greased screws, the Passport Platform Lift controls will not erode and can handle wide temperature ranges.
  10. Ready for anything – The Passport Vertical Platform Lift has several power options including DC power and manual lowering capability through a hand crank.

Do you own a Passport Vertical Platform Lift or carry them through your home accessibility store?  Let us know what you love about the Passport by leaving a review at on the Passport Vertical Platform Lift product page today!

Happy Valentine’s Day – What We LOVE About the Passport Vertical Platform Lift

love vertical platform lift
This week, while we prepare for Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to list the things we love about one of our favorite products; the Passport Vertical Platform Lift.  There’s just something about the Passport Vertical Platform Lift, displaying the perfect marriage of accessibility and advanced technology that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.    Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love the Passport Vertical Platform Lift, too!

  1. Lightweight Frame – Our beloved Passport Vertical Platform Lift weighs less than 400 pounds and is considered the lightest platform lift of its kind on the market.  This lightweight design makes the Passport Vertical Platform Lift easier to transport and install.
  2. Low Maintenance Install – Our installers AND customers love how low maintenance the Passport Vertical Platform Lift is at the point of installation.  The Plug-N-Play feature offers a prewired gate and tower, allowing you to simply plug in the electrical components and start using.
  3. Safe and Stable – The Passport Vertical Platform Lift offers many safety features for added stability.  Explore the endless safety options such as the safety rail, top landing gate, interlock system and much more.
  4. Weather Any Storm – Another safety feature of the Passport Vertical Platform Lift is the Weather Guard which helps protect the base of your lift from rain, snow and other outdoor elements.
  5. Comes When I Call – Yes, the Passport Vertical Platform Lift always comes when you call, using the convenient Call/Send Control.  You can even add up to two additional stations that are available with a mounting kit and wireless remote!

These are the reason WE love the Passport Vertical Platform Lift, but we’d love to hear what you’re reasons are.  Share with us what you love about an EZ-ACCESS product!