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The Difference between Modular Ramps for your Home

Pathway Modular Access System or Wooden Ramp
At EZ-ACCESS®, we understand the importance of aging in place in the comfort of your own home.  Our job is to help you make your home more accessible for your needs and mobility options while making it safer and more convenient for you.  If you’re looking to install a modular ramp, EZ-ACCESS® would like to help.
There are several things to keep in mind while you are thinking about installing a PATHWAY® Modular Access System to your home’s exterior. First, take a look where you want to install the modular ramp.  Ask yourself where the best placement would be to have the PATHWAY® Modular Ramp such as at your front or back door, as close to the driveway as possible, in a garage or near a sidewalk.
Some common tips for an improved entryway for your home, along with your PATHWAY® Modular Access System, would be to make sure that there is a low or flat threshold in the doorway, handrails and well-lit walking paths. Modular ramps help older adults and people with wheelchairs, scooters and walkers to access their home easier and safer by incorporating non-skid surfaces and hand rails.
What’s better, an aluminum PATHWAY® Modular Access System or a wooden modular ramp?  See the comparison below:

  1. The aluminum PATHWAY® Modular Access System is maintenance free which means it will not rust and requires little upkeep. PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramps can be added onto, expanded, reconfigured or moved easily and can be assembled with minimal tools.
  1. Modular wood ramps require regular maintenance and upkeep. They’re subject to rot and decay over time, require a building permit to add on to your home, and can actually lower the resale value of your home.

EZ-ACCESS® PATHWAY® Modular Ramps are a great option to provide a gentle incline for entering or exiting your home and provides safety and independence for any mobility user. Take a look at the other mobility options that EZ-ACCESS® has to offer today!