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Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter Lift

mobility scooter lift

EZ-ACCESS is excited to introduce new power lift options for your scooter and wheelchair. These additions to homes and vehicles can help boost your mobility, making transport easier for you and your loved ones. Deciding whether or not a power lift will benefit you is the first step. After that, questions about finding the perfect lift to accommodate your needs and lifestyle will crop up. We’ve answered three of the top questions you may face as you search for the right power lift:

  1. What type of chair can it accommodate? Your three-wheeled scooter may get away with a lightweight lift, whereas a four-wheeled, ultra heavy-duty power chair may require more support. Compare the product specifications of the lift you’re eying with information about your mobility device, considering total lifting weight capacity, tray size where it sits, and height-and-width dimensions to ensure it can fit snugly and securely.
  2. Can I still access the trunk of my car? Attached to the hitch at the back of your vehicle, lifts can securely transport any size of power chair with relative ease. The ability to easily access the rear space of your vehicle from the outside may be hindered by a lift designed to remain stationary while squarely attached to your hitch. However, some lifts come with swingaway options, which can glide aside and allow you to access your tailgate, hatch, or trunk smoothly. The HAULWAY™ Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift features swingaway capability to accommodate your needs as well as a wide range of mobility devices.
  3. Will insurance cover my choice? It depends. Your carrier will determine whether or not a power lift and other power chair accessories qualify under your current coverage option. Before you settle on the perfect lift, consult with your insurance agent, who’ll determine the parameters of your search based on price and style of power lift covered.

Your mobility scooter may give you freedom to roam, but a power lift can help take you even further. Connect with an EZ-ACCESS expert at 800-451-1903 to gain assistance and information that’ll help you land the power lift you need.