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Fall Weather and Accessing your EZ-ACCESS® Ramp or Lift

modular ramps autumn leavesFrom coast to coast, everyone is starting to experience the feel for fall, cooler temperatures and most of all, weather and climate changes. Today, EZ-ACCESS® would like to help you prepare for the cooler temperatures and changing weather elements that may have an impact on your PATHWAY® modular ramp, portable ramps or Passport™ vertical platform lift.
Even the smallest thing could cause you to becoming injured on your ramp or lift. Regardless which ramp system or lift you use, keeping it clear of debris is very important.  Having the surface area clear of debris will allow you to transfer from level to level without hesitation or without getting your wheelchair, scooter or walker stuck.
It’s very important to be cautious while entering or exiting your home while it’s raining or snowing. Debris such as wet leaves can make it a challenge to get to and from your home. A wet, ice or snow covered ramp surface can creates a slick surface which you may not be used to and can cause your wheelchair or scooter tires to lose traction.  If you use a walker or rollator, grab on to the hand rails if you feel you’re losing traction or falling.
Treat maintenance on your ramp or lift like any other part of your home. If you’ve recently installed a vertical platform lift or modular ramp system, some of the components such as footings, leveling adjusters and some screws may come loose over timed due to use. Components may come loose after a storm or being exposed to ongoing weather elements.   It’s always smart to make sure your modular ramp or vertical platform lift is still attached properly for the best use.
If you have any questions regarding proper cleaning or clearing of your ramps or vertical platform lift area, please feel free to contact us at EZ-ACCESS®.  See us for our outstanding selection of wheelchair and mobility accessories!