The Right Ramp for the Right Application

While passing through SeaTac International Airport, I was reminded of the need to have the right accessibility product for the right application. I met a couple that each had different accessibility issues and it was clear that neither had the right equipment fo best assist them. They had made their own adjustments to offset the inefficiencies of the equipment that they had, but it was still a tremendous challenge.
Each of the ramps that EZ-ACCESS offers is designed for a purpose. From the Suitcase ramp line designed for portability and travel, to the Pathway line designed for semi-permanent modular home access, each line is for a specific purpose. Finding the right ramp to fit the application is as important as having the right prescription for an illness. Imagine if your doctor prescribed IBS medication for your hypertension! It would definitely be upsetting! The same is true in choosing the right ramp! The wrong ramp can be a definitely burden, rather then being the solution to a specific need. Check out to learn more about choosing the right ramp. Then let us know how it worked for you!
Remember a ramp is not just a ramp; with EZ-ACCESS A ramp is your gateway to freedom.