New Year’s Resolution – Helping Others Through Mobility

New Year's Resolution
Have you thought of a great New Year’s resolution for 2014? EZ-ACCESS saw a great example of how you could resolve to help others through mobility.  Read this excellent product review which showed us just how far one ramp system can go:

“Hi – What a quick and courteous response!!  After the day I have had today I think you all and LL Bean rank in the same exceptional category!  I first bought the ramp 4-5 years ago, from who I do not remember.  I bought it on-line to help my mom get into a summer cottage we used to rent in Maine, so it went in the car with all our stuff!
Then it was used at a house I lived in for four years, again so she could get in when she visited – stairs were so hard.  Recently, I loaned it to a friend of mine whose dad was dying of cancer – for 6 months.  He used it with a walker at first and then with a wheelchair.  They used the extension parts.  So it has been up and down quite a bit and traveled into 3 states for all of its use.  It has been excellent.  The traction is amazing and I can put it up by myself.
It will not go anywhere until after my mom has passed away – which we hope will still be several good years away!  THANK YOU for the new pins – again because it’s been up and down so much they are quite bent and a little rusty so we all just want it to be as good as new.” – S.W. from Andover, NH.

Just like S.W. has shown us in one simple product review, your EZ-ACCESS mobility ramp has the potential to help many throughout its lifecycle.  As you can see from the featured product review, EZ-ACCESS mobility ramps are easy to transport and can be rented, reused and then recycled to help as many individuals with limited mobility as possible!