Modular Ramps: Why Aluminum Ramps are Best

aluminum ramps
If you’re considering adding a modular ramp to your home to make it more accessible, you have few important choices to make. One choice that many people face is whether to install a wooden ramp or an aluminum ramp. There are many reasons to choose an aluminum ramp over a wooden one.
Aluminum ramps are durable in all weather, can easily be reconfigured, are quick to install and typically no building permits are required, making your home modification much quicker. Aluminum ramps are also virtually maintenance-free, will not rust or rot, require minimal tools for assembly, can easily be moved or expanded, reused, resold or rented. Our 24 foot Pathway Modular Ramp Access System with handrails can be set up in less than 30 minutes and aluminum leaves no impact on the environment.
Wood ramps, on the other hand, can create a lot of problems. Wood ramps need regular maintenance, can decay and require a contractor or carpenter to be built along with a permit. Wood ramps can only be changed through demolition and reconstruction; they don’t add value to your home and can in fact bring down the value. They take about two days to install and the wood could contain dangerous chemicals or treatments.
EZ-ACCESS’s Pathway Modular Access System is made from aluminum and has other great features as well. This ramp can be configured to fit any entryway and can be moved and reconfigured for other parts of the house or a new house. The ramp also has a slip-resistant surface that keeps traction in any weather. You can also choose to add the features of a modular landing pad, modular gate and handrail loops.
EZ-ACCESS wants you to have the safest and most durable ramp solution for your home. We believe aluminum ramps are best and have the most benefits. The Pathway Modular Access System has been a success with customers and provides everything people with mobility issues need along with customization.