Loading Ramps: The Ideal Solution for Getting the Job Done

loading ramps
EZ-ACCESS not only provides access ramps for wheelchair accessibility, but we also specialize in loading ramps for the delivery industry. Traverse ramps are light enough to carry from job to job and durable enough to provide you with the support needed to get the job done.
Loading ramps come in a variety of options and features and we would like to highlight the benefits of choosing the Traverse loading ramp.
The construction of Traverse ramps is made with innovation in mind and includes features that make your job easier. The aluminum frame structure is welded together with the durability to last for years on the job.
Safety is always a factor in EZ-ACCESS products because they are made to last and work with ease for your business. These loading ramps are equipped with a slip-resistant surface for added safety. There is no need to worry about your products or delivery workers falling on the ramps because they are made with maximum safety features.
The Traverse Aluminum Loading Ramp is up to standards with OSHA regulations and is made with the goal of saving you money on safety expenses.
The convenience of the Traverse Loading Ramp is second to none. The loading ramp comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The sizes range from anywhere from four feet to 14 feet in length. Another important convenience factor is that once you order this ramp, it ships within 24 hours, so you can put it right to work. No assembly is required for our product, what more can you ask for?
We also offer a loading ramp wheel kit to make portability even easier for delivery workers. The wheel kit takes the strain off of the worker transporting the ramp during the work day. This kit also makes efficient use of time while out making deliveries.
EZ-ACCESS is in business to make your delivery services cost efficient and works towards bettering the services you provide through our loading ramps.