independent wheelchair users

Choosing a Mobility Ramp for the Independent Wheelchair User

Last week, we addressed how to choose the right size in portable ramp depending on your vehicle or landing height.  This week, we take the topic one step farther for those independent wheelchair users that plan to visit friends’ homes, businesses and other unknown destinations.  Read on to learn how to choose a mobility ramp for multiple purposes.
One of the most depressing issues a new wheelchair user faces is limited access to homes of friends and family members.  The wheelchair user may feel like their world is getting smaller and places they used to frequent are not accessible for their new device.  Our job is to open up the possibilities and get them back to their old stomping grounds again.
“My patient was so excited to be able to participate in his weekly poker game that he had missed for months, with his 8’ TRIFOLD ramp from EZ-ACCESS”, said Jennifer S. (Marysville, WA).
Where do you want to be able to go that you’re not able to go to now?
Our first step is to determine who will be setting up the mobility ramp.  If this independent wheelchair user travels solo and will need to setup the ramp alone, we start exploring the Advantage Series Line.  The Advantage Series Line is our first recommendation for independent wheelchair users because it is the easiest to deploy alone, allowing the wheelchair user to move just half of the ramp at a time.
Our next step is to determine length and weight needs.  In order to access multiple heights, we would recommend the longer Suitcase Advantage Series ramps that come up to 6 feet in length, clearing up to 3 standard steps and some minivans or SUVs, or the even larger Trifold Advantage Series line which is available in 10 feet in length, clearing up to 4 standard steps as well as minivans and some SUVs.
The defining factor for the large trifold ramp is transportability.  With the disconnecting design of the trifold ramp, wheelchair users can carry each side independently to lighten the load.  The Trifold Advantage Series ramp is easily separated into two sections each with their own carrying handle.
Overall, in order to get the best absolute result, we recommend that you contact EZ-ACCESS and discuss your accessibility goals with our experienced customer service team.  If there are still destinations that you cannot reach with a portable ramp, but plan to visit frequently, you may need to discuss a modular ramp or platform lift with the homeowner or business owner.  Whatever your goal, let us know so we can help!