How to Make Your Business Accessible for All in 2016

wheelchair accessible business

Whether non-profit or for, businesses that serve the public agree to serve all kinds of publics.  The ADA Guide for Small Businesses outlines a comprehensive list of requirements and accommodations to ensure every customer receives the same care and quality of service, disability notwithstanding. Below, EZ-ACCESS has highlighted just a few areas to double check to make sure your business is providing accessible services to all:

Accessible Parking

  • An access aisle of at least eight feet must be designated to van-accessible parking spaces marked by a sign with the international “van accessible” symbol. This provides plenty of room for mobility chairs and their operators to enter and exit a van with a side-mounted lift.
  • The number of total parking spaces dictates the number of accessible parking options. 25 total slots should have at least 1 accessible space, 50 total slots should have at least 2 accessible, etc. If you can only offer one slot, it must be van – not just car – accessible.
  • When possible, place accessible parking spots as close to handicap-accessible entrances as you can.

Accessible Entrances

  • If you have multiple entrances into your store, at least one must be accessible, and a sign should be provided to direct traffic to the alternative entrance.
  • The slope of ramps to accessible entrances must be no more than 1:12 (for every 12 units of horizontal length, there’s one unit of vertical rise). Handrails are required when the slope exceeds 1:20.
  • Edge protection is required when a ramp creates a drop-off on either side. A raised lip or low railing helps prevent mobility chairs from accidentally rolling off the surface.
  • In some cases, you just may not be able to provide accessible entrances that are “readily achievable” for your business (e.g. reasonable accommodations that can be added without excessive difficulty or expense). To compensate, you’re required to provide home delivery, take-out, curbside delivery, or another readily achievable option to make your services accessible.

Our work at EZ-ACCESS exists to help provide mobility and freedom for all. Our TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System can enable your business to do just that through a reliable mix of ramps, platforms, and steps that meet ADA, IBC, and local code guidelines. If you have questions about this ramp or other accessibility options, give us a call at 800-451-1903.