Adventures in Handcycling for National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month?  To bring awareness to National Bike Month, EZ-ACCESS is highlighting the sport of handcycling.  Starting in the 1980s, handcycling has quickly become a popular cycling alternative for individuals with limited or no use of their legs, poor balance or individuals just looking for a different way to explore their surroundings.  If you have not yet tried your HAND at handcycling, check out the different options below and head out to your nearest adaptive sports provider to take part in National Bike Month the handcycle way!

Types of Handcycles

There are several types of handcycles to choose from that are designed to meet different needs such as racing or recreational.
Upright Handcycle – The upright handcycle is designed for recreational use with shorter distances, featuring a higher center of gravity.
Recumbent Handcycle – The recumbent handcycle is lower to the ground with two seating options: a reclining seat or “trunk power” where the rider leans forward.
Trunk-power Handcycle – The trunk-power handcycle is designed where riders can put their weight behind each stroke and travel at higher speeds.

Steering Handcycles

In the recumbent handcycle, riders have two different steering options: fork-steering and lean-to-steer.  These options allow users to lean on their abilities to control the handcycle.
Fork-steer Handcycle – Fork-steering is the most popular form of handcycle steering and is the easiest to learn.  With fork-steering, riders can turn the fork independently and are best for riders with either low-level or high-level disabilities.
Lean-to-steer Handcycle – Lean-to-steer is a little bit more complicated and takes a while to master.  With lean-to-steer, riders must lean their body like in monoskiing.
In honor of National Bike Month, we hope this has sparked your interested to check out handcycling.  If you are an avid handcycler, we would love to hear from you.  Leave your comments on our Facebook page, tweet us or comment on our Google + page!