EZ-ACCESS Q & A: What size of portable ramp would be best for me?

portable ramp size
As the temperature rise across the United States, the desire to venture outside and travel is getting stronger.  For those in mobility devices, this desire turns to a sudden need for a portable ramp that allows them to easily enter and exit their home, their friends’ homes and local businesses.  Our warning to you is not to rush out and purchase the first portable ramp you see because when it comes to portable ramps, size is everything.
Far too often, customers are rushing out to purchase a portable ramp for themselves or a loved one and end up guessing on the size of portable ramp they need.  Looking at the back of your vehicle or top step and making a guestimate on inches off the ground will not cut it.  DO NOT GUESS ON PORTABLE RAMP SIZE!  In most cases, these individuals end up with a ramp that is too short resulting in an unsafe slope ratio.  When in doubt, call EZ-ACCESS.
Determining Safe Portable Ramp Size

  1. Vehicle Landing or Step Height – Your first step is to measure the height of your vehicle landing or top step that you’ll be using your mobility device on.  If you are unable to get out and measure this height of your vehicle’s landing, look up the manufacturer details on your specific vehicle.
  2. Degree of Incline – Look up the recommended degree of incline for your mobility device in your manual or on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Incline Chart – Next, you’ll need to take your inches of rise for your vehicle and your recommended degree of incline to the EZ-ACCESS Incline Chart.  The incline chart will tell you what ramp length you’ll need to maintain a safe degree of incline for your desired height usage.
  4. Portable Ramp Storage – Finally, the issue many customers forget to check on is whether the portable ramp is small enough to fit into your vehicle.  Look up the size of the portable ramp when it is folded up for storage and make sure it is not too big to fit easily into your vehicle.

Are you still second guessing your size choice?  Call and speak to one of our customer service representatives today at 800-451-1903.  We’d be happy to walk with you through your portable ramps needs and help you determine which portable ramp works best for you!