Choosing the Best Layout for your Pathway® Modular Ramp System

Pathway® Modular Ramp System
With EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramp systems, you’re in control by choosing the best layout options for your needs.  We’re here to work with you to determine what the best layout for your Pathway® Modular Ramp System should be.  Today, EZ-ACCESS® will help you better understand what the perfect Pathway® Modular Ramp System could be for your home and most of all, your needs.
The first thing to consider when preparing to install a Pathway® Modular Ramp System is to determine the best access point.  Which door of your home do you want the ramp to come from and is that doorway wide enough to allow you “EZ” access in and out of your home? Make sure there is enough space inside your home so you don’t feel cramped as you’re trying to enter or exit your home.
Be aware of your neighbor’s property line, as you don’t want your ramp to overlap on their lawn, driveway or sidewalk. Try to avoid areas under trees that may drop leaves or other debris on the walking surface. Also, try to get southern exposure to aid in drying and melting snow and ice from the walking surface. Please understand this cannot be done with every home or ramp system.
EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramps and the Pathway® Modular Ramp System includes a built-in, non-skid surface that prevents sliding or losing traction when going up or down the ramp. Aluminum ramps can become slippery when wet, but this is why EZ-ACCESS® puts handrails on both sides of the ramp surface for added safety and assurance of your mobility.
With every well-built Pathway® Modular Ramp System that EZ-ACCESS® builds, we make sure to fit the ramp with handrails. The Pathway® Modular Ramp System is constructed to support the combined weight of the user, wheelchair or other mobility option and a helper, all at the same time.
For more information regarding the Pathway® Modular Ramp System, contact EZ-ACCESS® today!