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Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Ramp: Tips for Winter Ramp Safety

Are you walking through a winter wonderland? Or more like skating through one with ice and chilly temperatures? While picturesque, we want to help you maintain a safe and accessible ramp and walkway this winter. Don’t forget to winterize your ramp with these simple tips.

  1. Prevention: Is the weatherman predicting a substantial snowfall or sleet in the coming days? Make the most of the time before the storm hits by applying solutions to prevent snow and ice accumulation. This will save you time and effort in the long run so you won’t have to worry and you can enjoy the snowfall.


  1. Ice Melt: Using things like certain salts and other ice melt products can help eliminate the ice and snow safely with minimal work on your part, so you have more time to enjoy the winter wonderland. However, avoid corrosive chemicals that can cause damage to your ramp.

Note: The information above is taken from Fact Sheet 707, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Maryland Eastern Shore and was up-to-date at the time of this post.

*Sodium and calcium chloride are particularly damaging to newly poured concrete. Also, these chemicals should not be applied to brick or stone surfaces. Table adapted with permission from work of John Buckreis, Merrifield Gardens Nursery, Annandale, VA

  1. Brooms: Having a push broom on hand is also great for easily snow removal. A push broom will move snow faster as opposed to a traditional kitchen broom. Another bonus of using a broom? You won’t damage the ramp.
  2. Plastic Shovels: Metal on metal can be hard on the ears and even harder on your ramp. If you plan to shovel snow, make sure that you’re utilizing a plastic or rubber shovel. It gets the job done and helps prevent scratches or damages to your ramp.

Don’t let the ice and snow prevent you from using your ramp this winter and enjoying the season. If you have questions when it comes to caring for your ramp during the winter, please reach out to our friendly customer service team.


How to Maintain Your Modular Ramp this Winter


Investing in modular ramps are a crucial component to aiding individuals affected by disabilities as well as providing important on-site industrial access. However, harsh weather can wear down vital pieces. This winter, don’t let snow and ice damage your system. With these key steps from EZ-ACCESS, you will be able to ensure longevity and protect your mobility investment.

Step 1: Prevention is Key

Prior to expectant snowfall, anti-icing chemicals can provide additional safety. Often used on roads, these solutions are applied to concrete and metal surfaces before snow or ice accumulation to prevent potential buildup.

Step 2: Keep it Clear

Snow buildup can cause your modular ramps to become slick and dangerous. Ensure the surfaces are clear and free of snow and ice by shoveling or sweeping the snow. Next, apply magnesium chloride, or rock salt, to the ramps and platforms.  This will help melt the snow and prevent slippage. To stay on top of the weather, always sweep your ramps even after a light dusting of snow. Doing so will help prevent dangerous buildup.

Step 3: Take Advantage of Powder Coating

In order to further defend your access equipment from snow and ice damage, EZ-ACCESS offers powder coating options. This spray powder produces a much thicker coating then conventional liquid and ensures that your valuable investment has additional protection. Available in black, brown or tan, the coating is easy to blend in with your home or business’ architectural style and still provide you with the elemental protection you need.

Winter provides ample opportunity for snow and ice damage to your modular ramp system. Utilizing these steps can help combat the weather and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. For more information on how EZ-ACCESS can help provide mobility assistance for the upcoming months, contact our team today.


4 Snowy Ramp Must-Haves for 2016

snowy ramps

If you read last month’s blog, “Winter is coming. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Is your ramp ready?”, then you already know whether your region of the country is likely to be pummeled with snow or not.  If you are one of the unlucky ones and LOTS OF SNOW could be headed your way, preparations are in order, and EZ-ACCESS is here to help.  Use this list of must-haves as your guide to keep your aluminum ramp open for business.

Snowy Ramp Must-Haves:

  1. Ice Melt – This is a great item to have on hand in order to break up those thick chunks of ice that form right at the end of your roof overhang. If you happen to hate the white, chalky residue that Ice Melt leaves behind, we also recommend cat litter as a worthy alternative. For the best cat little, choose extra-coarse, non-clumping from your local hardware store.

Another great benefit of using cat litter to give you traction or slippery surfaces is that you can simply sweep it away in the spring!

  1. Broom – To reduce scratching or damaging your aluminum ramp, use a broom instead of a metal or plastic shovel. The hard bristle broom will be just as effective when clearing away light, fluffy snow.
  1. Welcome Mat – You may also want to consider an extra welcome mat to prevent you or your guests from tracking snow, Ice Melt or cat litter into your home.
  1. Slip Resistant Footwear – Finally, footwear is key. If you are on your feet at all, even with the help of a walking aid, you must wear proper footwear for winter weather.

Quoting the United State Postal Service creed, “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleep, nor hail” shall keep you from using your EZ-ACCESS PATHWAY Modular Access System this winter.  Stay safe out there and be sure to contact us at EZ-ACCESS for any questions on the care and maintenance of your PATHWAY Modular Access System!

Winter is coming. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Is your ramp ready?


Since 1818, Farmer’s Almanac has provided long-range weather predictions with surprising accuracy, thanks to a secret formula by founder Robert. B. Thomas. Evolving science and technology have helped the trusted weather forecaster increase in accurate readings and fan following. This year, Almanac warns that Mother Nature is preparing to unleash her frozen fury across most of the United States, slamming regions and sparring few. Below, a breakdown of which regions should prepare their EZ-ACCESS aluminum ramps for winter action:

Rockies and Pacific Northwest: Some people have all the luck. Milder than normal temperatures are expected for the Western United States, with moderately wet to dry conditions expected. Start booking your Spring Break getaway to these temperate climates now.

Central United States: After years of braving piercing winds and arctic temperatures, Central-Midwest states finally get a reprieve from odd weather. Western and central Great Lakes, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and most of the Great Plains can expect near-normal weather temperatures and typical snowfall, breathing a sigh of relief as surrounding states feel the frozen burn. (But don’t relax too deeply: “typical Midwest winter” still means snow, subzero temps, and chilly winds. Just maybe not so wild.)

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio Region: Deemed “snow filled & frigid,” be especially kind to the residents of these states. If you enjoy snow, this is the perfect place to be, as it’s predicted to receive quite the blanket of it this winter.

Texas and South Central Region: Now’s a good time to invest in waterproof clothing, as this winter will be a wet one. An increase in rain will meet with the occasional shot of bitter cold temps, showering the Southern states in a handful of sleet storms and slush.

Florida, Tennessee, and the Southeastern U.S.: Pull your scarves a little tighter and your jackets a little closer, as residents here are in for an unseasonably chilly season. Though relatively dry, temperatures will dip unexpectedly, mixing with the occasional blast of cold to create a White Christmas in some shape or form.

…and then there’s the east: Poor, poor New England. Last year, the region experienced the number one snowiest season in regional history, with Boston receiving 110 inches alone. 23 eastern states experienced top-ten coldest Februaries they’d ever scene, breaking freezing records left and right. Though snow is predicted to subside a bit this winter, residents are being prepped for a “super cold,” seeing further record-shattering subzero temperatures.

If you’re scheduled to receive an arctic visit this winter, stock up on cat litter now to provide no-residue traction on your aluminum ramp, which can be swept rather than shoveled away to prevent scratching or damages. Rain, snow, or shine, EZ-ACCESS is here to help you stay mobile in the midst of life’s storms. Give us a call to get moving today!