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Stay Safe with These 3 Platform Lift Enhancements

Image of Man in Wheelchair on Platform Lift

At EZ-ACCESS, we are driven by our commitment to provide access solutions that break through barriers of daily life. The Passport Vertical Lift is a great solution for any difficult pathway, porch or platform, providing easy navigation to and from your home. With the addition of Passport Vertical Platform Lift accessories, you can get the most out of your equipment while staying safe and mobile.


  1. Passport Top Landing Gate

In order to prevent improper operation as well as keep your rider safe and protected, use the Passport Top Landing Gate. The gate provides an extra precaution, especially during the upcoming winter months. With the combination of a Pathway Connector Kit, the Top Landing Gate can also quickly be connected to a PATHWAY Modular Access System platform.

  1. Passport Platform Safety Rail

Simple installation of the Passport Platform Safety Rail enhances the stability of the rider and the lift’s operator. As snow, sleet, and ice begin to fall, the Platform Safety Rail gives you increased security when loading and unloading the lift.

  1. Passport Platform Weather Guard

Weather debris can cover and clog your platform lift. Keep your equipment clear with the Passport Platform Weather Guard. Using the Weather Guard, the Safety Pan on your Passport Vertical Platform Lift will stay clean and protected with a quick click into place.


EZ-ACCESS’s wide variety of product options will help you customize the Passport Vertical Platform Lift to get the most out of your equipment. For even more options, visit and enhance your lift and increase your mobility today!

Endless Possibilities: Exploring the Commercial/Industrial Use of EZ-ACCESS Products












Since the early 90s, EZ-ACCESS has become a household name in the homecare industry.  As a division of Homecare Products, their prime focus was portable and permanent mobility ramps for individuals with disabilities.  In recent years, however, the need became apparent for long-lasting and lightweight access solutions in the commercial/industrial market.  EZ-ACCESS’ offering was the perfect fit.  See how EZ-ACCESS’ superior ramps are the perfect solution in these specific industrial jobs:


EZ-ACCESS’ threshold mats and ramps are not just for residential use.  These versatile products make the entry transition for hand trucks or carts extra smooth while keeping your employees and products safe.

Material Handling/Delivery

When it comes to material transport, EZ-ACCESS has a variety of ramps and curb plates that make loading a truck, trailer, container or dock easy and safe.


Outside of ramps, EZ-ACCESS offers solid portable stair systems that provide reliable access to hoppers, boilers, or other machinery.


In the distribution and warehousing space, EZ-ACCESS ramps are uniquely engineered to take up minimal space and can easily be set up in a variety of areas used for loading and unloading heavy materials.


In the construction industry, safety is paramount.  This is why EZ-ACCESS portable ramps and stair systems are the best solution to quickly and safely access portable buildings or unload heavy equipment.


Transporting a cumbersome ramp along with a packed truck or trailer is a headache worth avoiding.  This is why the walk ramps at EZ-ACCESS feature a slim design. These narrow ramps are ideal when loading or unloading heavy furniture.

OSHA/Work Platforms/ADA

Permanent or portable, EZ-ACCESS keeps compliance in mind with all commercial/industrial products.  Compliant with OSHA and ADA, the Fortress and Titan product lines are easy to setup and provide safe access for all.

Completely Custom

As a full service aluminum fabrication facility, EZ-ACCESS can tackle custom solutions for a variety of jobs in recreation, education, industrial, construction and more!

At EZ-ACCESS, the aluminum accessibility capabilities are endless.  Our team loves to be challenged with a complex access issue, and are honored to provide a solution that works well for you and your needs.

Top Tips for College When Using a Wheelchair












Preparing for your college debut can be nerve-wracking!  With the start of fall classes quickly approaching, the pressure is on to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the collegiate challenges ahead.  If you or your child is starting this transition away from home, you’re not alone.  The team at EZ-ACCESS is here to provide major and minor tips for this huge milestone.

Know Your Rights

A major tip for students with disabilities entering college is to become aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law.  A great place to start is the Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibits discrimination of students with disabilities.  If you feel discriminated against or feel there is a barrier in your learning that could be addressed, know how to speak up about it and contact the appropriate campus individuals.

Know Your Abilities

In grade school, your parents and your teachers were in charge of identifying functional limitations that came up during the school day.  In college, however, that responsibility now rests on your shoulders.  Students with disabilities will need to be prepared to self-identify limitations in addition to creating an atmosphere for themselves that is conducive to their learning.  Parents have limited access to their child’s records, status and schedule unless granted by the student.  Have a talk with your family to determine what solutions may work best for you.

Know Your Support

Before college classes start, both you and your parents should walk through what support systems are in place.  Most colleges and universities offer disabilities services that will be available to discuss campus and community support, clubs, learning opportunities, adaptive technology and techniques to adjust a schedule for easier access throughout the day.

College can be a great experience for all students no matter their abilities or limitations.  Being vocal, knowledgeable and connected can help maximize your learning environment and how you experience college.  When it comes to accessibility, explore all that EZ-ACCESS has to offer in portable ramps, wheelchair packs and more!

How to Eat like a World-class Athlete












Last week, we covered how everyday adaptive athletes can improve their training using the training secrets of world-class athletes, but one major element was left out of last week’s article – food.  No matter how you train, if your diet isn’t right your training will not be as effective as it could be.  In order to help you get the most out of your training, Team EZ-ACCESS is offering these diet tips gathered from professional athlete interviews:

  1. Bananas – This fibrous fruit is packed with potassium and can contribute to the slow release of energy during those grueling morning training sessions – plus they have been proven to help your body recover faster, and are also an excellent post-training snack. They can also help protect your neuron cells, and fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, according to a study by Journal of Food Science.
  2. Beetroot Juice – Most commonly enjoyed by our friends across the pond, this deep red drink has shown great effects in boosting athletes’ stamina. The nitrate in the juice reduces oxygen uptake and allows athletes to exercise 16 percent longer than normal, according to the Journal of Applied Physiology.
  3. Oatmeal – What’s better than 100 percent whole grain? This filling meal choice keeps blood sugar and energy levels consistent throughout training and is a great source of fiber.
  4. Water – It’s important to stay hydrated at all times, especially when you’re training. The vice president of nutrition and research for Athletes’ Performance states that athletes should be consuming almost one ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.
  5. Chocolate Milk – Our personal favorite is the recommendation of chocolate milk as a recovery drink. Who wouldn’t want to chug a glassful after a workout?  In fact, this drink is a favorite amongst the Team USA swimmers to help their body recover between swims.

Now that you have the training and diet tips, why not prepare like a world-class athlete?  If you have questions about how gain better access to public training areas in your community, check out EZ-ACCESS’ portable ramps or wheelchair lifts today!

How to Train like a World-class Athlete












Very soon, certain games will be starting in Rio and our proud athletes have only a few short sessions left to finalize their training.  While their training techniques are complex and focused on specific muscle groups dependent on their sport, there are several tips the everyday adaptive athlete can use to improve their fitness regime.  In order to keep you healthy and pursuing your dreams, the EZ-ACCESS team is providing top athlete training tips drawn from professional athlete interviews and quotes:

  1. Schedule – the opportunities are there, but what your body can do when varies. What time of day do you have the most energy to dedicate to a workout?  Maintain a regular weekly schedule or routine to keep yourself on track.
  2. Be positive – whether you have a coach, trainer or are self-motivating, you need to find a way to stay positive in your attitude and pursuit of success. What are your goals and how will you keep looking forward?
  3. Challenge yourself with peers – there are many differences in the challenges disabled athletes experienced in their training. Do you have peers who push you and you push them?  Work out with a group of like-minded athletes with the same goals as you.
  4. Open-minded lifting – situating yourself into the typical lifting machines may be difficult, but keep an open mind. Find the machines that work best for you, continue to focus on maxing out and don’t get discouraged by the inability to use specific machines. Keep looking and you’ll find what works best for you.  The more you try, the more variety you’ll add to your workout.
  5. Adaptive Training – for disabled athletes, training for specific sports must be individual and flexible. What works for a standup athlete will most likely not work for a disabled athlete, so you’ll need to come up with training that mimics able-bodied training without becoming complacent or going too hard and risking injury.

In next week’s blog, see how specific foods and special diets help world-class athletes train harder, and could help you achieve your training goals.  For greater access to your favorite training spots, check out EZ-ACCESS’ large selection of strong, durable portable wheelchair ramps used for transportation and public access!

6 Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe Around Lawn Mowers

lawnmower safety











Did you know that roughly 600 children in the United States lose a limb EACH YEAR due to lawnmower accidents. Since we are in the middle of summer and having to mow our lawns every few days, the EZ-ACCESS team wants to make sure you’re practicing excellent lawnmower safety.  Learn how to keep your children safe during this routine chore with these simple tips:

  • Don’t leave the mower running unattended. Shut off the engine if you must walk away, and take the keys with you.
  • Keep children away from any active mower. Lawn equipment can throw up rocks and other debris that may result in broken bones, damaged eyes or even limb loss.
  • The organization Limbs Matter suggests that you keep children inside at all times when you’re mowing the lawn. This is the most effective preventative measure and ensures no unknown movements are encountered with your lawn equipment.
  • From an early age, teach your children to stay away from all running mowers. A mower should be treated like a hot oven—don’t touch it.
  • Don’t let your children ride with you on a riding lawnmower. As fun as it sounds, many times emergency room workers see children come in with injuries to their feet, caused by falling off of the mower they were riding on.
  • Wait until your child is at least 12 years old before letting them mow the lawn. They may not have the strength to maneuver and maintain control until this age.

Practicing lawn mower safety is extremely important.  Please help spread the word by sharing these tips with your loved ones and always lead by example.  If you need to transport your lawnmower, consider using the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp to safely and easily load and unload your heavy lawn equipment!

What NOT to DO When Using a Loading Ramp


While loading ramps may seem like an easy thing to set up and use, they can be misused. A number of mishaps, such as falls and more serious injuries, can happen when setting up a loading ramp. Luckily, most accidents can be easily avoided by following these simple loading tips, courtesy of EZ-ACCESS.

  • Take it slow and steady.

If you are loading a motor vehicle up the ramp and it refuses to budge no matter how much you push and pull, speeding up is the key. Be careful though, full throttle will not only destroy the vehicle you are handling but also everything in its path.

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.

There is no shame in asking for help when loading heavy and bulky things. Have another person either helping you load things into the truck or just standing behind you in case you start slipping and going down due to the weight of the object you are handling.

  • Go long.

Steep incline is your biggest enemy when it comes to loading. No matter how much of an expert you are when it comes to loading, if the weather conditions are not in your favor and the loading ramp is wet, there is more chance of slippage during ascent.

  • Load like a pro.

A makeshift ramp made out of some wood planks from the backyard will definitely seem like a hassle-free and cheap solution at first, but there are several fallbacks. They are unstable, extremely slippery and usually cannot sustain a lot of weight. Avoid a trip to the emergency room by getting a metal ramp that can be easily secured.

If you wonder where to find such a ramp, visit EZ-ACCESS or give us a call and we’ll work out a solution that is best for your specific needs.

Top SAFETY TIPS When Using a Loading Ramp


Moving heavy objects is made easier AND safer by using the appropriate loading ramp, but there are still ways of getting injured if basic safety measures are not taken into consideration. There is nothing we value more than accessibility and safety at EZ-ACCESS, so this month we are sharing some tips on how to stay safe while loading and unloading.

  1. Securing the ramp to the truck can make a big difference when it comes to safety. Secure the loading ramp with a chain, hook or safety straps to make sure it stays in place while you go up and down. On the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp, the safety attachment point is underneath the upper portion of the ramp. Use a strap, chair or rope to attach the ramp to your vehicle or other structure when in use.
  2. The incline should be low and the clearance long. If not a lot of room for the loading ramp is available, try parking your truck in a low spot. By keeping the angle of the ramp as low as possible you are not only easing your access into the truck but also assuring that less throttle will be needed if loading mechanical vehicles.
  3. Stay on the ramp. If the item you are loading is bigger than the loading ramp you are using, consider getting a bigger ramp. It will make loading bulkier items not only much easier but also much safer.
  4. Work with a clean ramp. Take the time to check if your ramp is slippery in places or to clean it if something has spilled. Spending a few minutes cleaning up after yourself can save you from a world of pain caused by heavy equipment falling on you later.
  5. Finally, use common sense. If something seems like a bad and potentially dangerous idea, like going backwards while loading things, it probably is. This counts double when it comes to loading mechanical vehicles. They can easily slip and cause serious injury and damage.

EZ-ACCESS is here for all your loading needs. Contact us for more information on which is the perfect ramp for your needs or take a look at one of our ramp installation videos.

What Type of Loading Ramp Works for Each Application


There are literally hundreds of loading ramp solutions on the market.  This is why most questions we receive at EZ-ACCESS relate to which ramp works best for each situation.  To make your loading ramp decision easier, the EZ-ACCESS team has identified two questions you should ask yourself when you have a specific loading need.

  1. Why do you need the loading ramp?

Start by determining what your needs are. What will the ramp be used for the most and how often will it be used? Do you need a residential, recreational or industrial ramp? Also, where will it be stored? If you are lacking storage space, consider getting one of our Traverse Singlefold Ramps. They are easy to fold and store after use. Determining these things will help you narrow down your choice from our very large pool of available ramps to just several. You can also use the Ramp Selector Tool on our website to help you make the best choice.

  1. How long does the ramp need to be?

Then establish how long your ramp needs to be. You can use our Incline Calculator to calculate exactly how much room you will need to safely load your things without danger or having too much of an incline.

Choosing the wrong ramp for your needs can be a costly and depending on what you are transporting, a potentially dangerous mistake. Make the right choice and call EZ-ACCESS for all your ramp needs today.

Best Safety Tips for the Family Caregiver

caregiver safety

Being a caregiver is no easy feat. With 65 million Americans acting as caregivers each year, we at EZ-ACCESS want to make that task easier for the dedicated individuals that hold that title. This National Safety Month, we’d like to provide some helpful tips and tricks on how to care for your loved ones while also taking care of yourself.

  • Make Minor Adjustments to Your Home

FOR THEM: Safety is your number one priority. Make sure your home is de-cluttered, and all hallways or passages are well lit both day and night. Consider removing any unnecessary rugs to avoid potential trip hazards.

FOR YOU: Add baby-monitors to both your room and the room of the person you’re caring for. This can help maintain supervision even when you’re apart.

  • Treat Each Other with Kindness

FOR THEM: Patience is a virtue – that is no joke. No matter the situation remember to breathe and approach the matter with a clear head. Not only will you communicate better, but by maintaining a level of respect between you and the person you’re caring for, you restore some familiarity in their now more dependent life style.

FOR YOU: Caring for another person day-in and day-out is stressful and labor intensive work. Be sure to take time each day for yourself, to read, relax or just getaway for an hour or two.

  • Have a System

FOR THEM: If the loved one you’re caring for is fighting dementia or other neurological diseases, they may forget or refuse to take their daily medications. Make sure all medication is labeled properly, and separated within an organized weekly pill box.

FOR YOU: Structure your days with designated times for meals, bathings, and naps. By adding some routine into your days you can provide some consistency and familiarity to you both.

For all the accessibility modifications and reliable support you might need, EZ-ACCESS is here to help.