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Your Passport to Independence: How to Utilize our PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift

“Ding! You are now free to move about the country.”

While you may not be taking on the whole country, you can reclaim your independence with our PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift, an easy-to-use solution for accessing raised entry points such as a porch or deck. But before you unbuckle your seat belt and start taking on the world – it’s time to learn how to make the most of our PASSPORT. Sit back and relax as we make our final descent to your destination.

The Destination Doesn’t Matter: Did you know the PASSPORT isn’t just designed for your front porch? That’s right, you can place the PASSPORT at whatever access point you use most. Don’t leave through the front door? Place it in your garage. It works just as great, especially when higher rises and/or tight spaces are present and it gets you to your desired destination much faster.

Forget the Heavy Luggage: The PASSPORT is one of the most lightweight products of its kind on the market, which means no overweight bag fees need to be paid. Being lightweight makes it possible for a one person install. The lift is also fairly easy to relocate if your first stop was just the connection.

Please Turn Your Attention to the Screen in Front of You: The PASSPORT is easy to install and even easier to use, which you can see in the video below.

For Your Safety We Ask That You Place Your Chair and Tray Tables in the Upright Position: Much like an airplane that deters away from an unsafe landing, the PASSPORT will do the same. If something is blocking the platform from downward travel, the lift will stop immediately. The lift will still be operational in the upward direction, but the object or obstruction must be cleared to resume downward travel. We like to maintain safety as the number one priority while the PASSPORT is in use and the obstruction detector is a must have.

We know you have many options when it comes to reclaiming your independence but from those of us at EZ-ACCESS, we thank you for traveling with us today. We encourage you to continue using your PASSPORT for a lifetime of independence.

Three Easy to Use Tools to Help You Find the Right Ramp


When trying to decide which ramp is right for your business or home, you don’t have to do it alone! Our helpful tools can make your buying process simpler. Learn how our Incline Calculator, Incline Calculator App and Ramp Selector can ensure you obtain the correct ramp.

Incline Calculator Tool

Our Incline Calculator can help ensure the ramp you’re considering will fit the incline requirements of the installation site. When using the Incline Calculator, you must select your ramp ratio from the following options:



1:10 (IRC Acceptable)

1:12 (ADA Standard)

The ADA Standard is a great place to start, but you can confirm the ratio standards with your city or local codes. After selecting the ratio, you’ll need to enter the rise. This is the distance from the top step or landing to the ground. After entering these numbers, the Incline Calculator will generate the required ramp length, along with the slope, and grade of the ramp. However, if the rise is greater than 30 inches a platform may be required.

Our App

In addition to the Incline Calculator on our website, you can download the Incline Calculator app from the App Store for when you’re on the go. It’s perfect for contractors or home inspections. For more tips on selecting the right ramp for your needs, view our incline chart.

Ramp Selector Tool

Now that you know what length and incline your ramp needs to be, you can better select which EZ-ACCESS products are right for you. If you’re looking for a ramp that allows easier access to your home or an ADA compliant solution for your business, our Ramp Selector can assist in your search.

Our ramp selector is built to help you narrow down the selections to meet your specific needs. Because of this, all you need to do is determine what the primary purpose of the ramp will be and the ramp use type. Once you’ve identified these two, the selector recommends the proper products for your needs.

If you have questions about finding the right accessibility solution for you or your business, please contact us here.

Back to School Tips to Make Life Easier

Whether you are headed back to school or have kiddos preparing for another school year, going back means it’s time to buckle down and get serious once again. In order to ace those classes and enjoy the school year a little more, EZ-ACCESS has created a helpful list of tips to assist you in making life a little easier!

Save on Supplies

Save some money on notebooks and pencils during your state’s tax-free weekend. Several states participate in this weekend, which happens to be around the time you need to purchase these school items. There will be great deals already in place so saving some more is an added bonus!

Revamp Your Style

Collect and sell clothing to places where you will get money back such as Plato’s Closet, local hand-me-down stores, or online sites such as eBay. This is a great way to make a few extra bucks to help buy some new clothes for the year!

Use Google Scholar is the place to go when writing all of those papers that will be coming up. The information is reviewed for accuracy and professors will love that you used a scholarly, trusted source.

Remember Your Schedule

Take a picture of your schedule and set it as your lock screen, so you won’t forget which class comes first and where it is. If you’re on a big campus or new to the area, take some time a few days before class starts to tour the place and find your classes so you won’t be late.

Maximize Productivity

It has been proven that listening to classical music or natural sounds such as ocean waves improves your focus and productivity. Play some of those tunes when studying in order to stay on top of your game!

Save on Books

Buy online to save money on your books, or use Amazon Prime Student to get six months free and 50% off your Prime membership the rest of the time you’re a student. This will save you heaps of money over the years!

All students swear by this site! is a gold mine for students because they are able to see past comments from those who have already taken the classes they’re looking at with different professors. Using this site allows you to find the fun, interesting, and educating teachers that are available.

We hope these simple tips will make your year of learning a little more fun and a lot easier! If you have any other great back to school tricks, let us know your secrets. For helpful home accessibility hacks, we’ve got what you need. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Made in the U.S.A.!

It’s the time of the year when we bask in remembrance of the great sacrifices that men and women all over our country make and have made to secure our freedom. On May 20th, we honor soldiers currently serving during Armed Forces Day, and we remember fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, May 29th. Patriotism runs deep in the United States and at EZ-ACCESS we stand proud knowing we are investing in this great nation.

Our aluminum access products are made in the U.S.A., creating hundreds of jobs directly through our West Coast manufacturing site located in Algona, Washington and in our East Coast manufacturing site in Morganfield, Kentucky. We also create jobs indirectly through our strategic partnerships and by offering a quality product to our dealers throughout the country.

Buying something crafted here in America does our country good. Some studies show that for every $1 of manufacturing activity, another $1.81 is returned to the economy. According to ABC News, if everyone spent an extra $3.33 on products made in the U.S., it would generate an additional 10,000 jobs. In 2016, manufacturers contributed $2.18 trillion to the U.S. economy, and employed 9% of the workforce. All of this job creation ultimately leads to positive economic growth for America.

Another key factor associated with manufacturing in the U.S.A. is that it provides us with the ability to institute quality control. We make sure our access solutions are to the upmost quality standards, ensuring the safety of our customers.

A few of our American-made products include:

SUITCASE® Singlefold Ramp: This ramp allows people to gain immediate access, no matter where they are. With ergonomic handles and a non-protruding hinge, this ramp can go where you go.

The PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift: Known as the lightest residential platform lift on the market, it’s a perfect solution for difficult pathways, porches or platforms. It weighs less than 400 pounds and features Plug-N-Play Wiring Technology for easy installation.

The TITAN™ Code Compliant Modular Access System: This system combines ramps, platforms and steps to create the ideal solution that will bring any business up to code and ADA compliance.

The FORTRESS® OSHA Stair System: Whether you need access to a mobile office on a job site, a cargo trailer, or more, this system can provide a temporary or permanent solution. It’s flexible enough to fit just about any layout or configuration.

The TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp: Perfect for those who need to load and unload goods, this curbside loading ramp is light enough to carry but strong enough to handle the rigors of everyday use.

Our contributions to America’s manufacturing sector have not gone unnoticed. We were named the silver award winner for the 2017 Washington Manufacturing Company of the Year in the Building Trades category. We’re proud to be a part of the American dream, and we encourage you to buy “Made in America” with all your purchases—not just the ones from EZ-ACCESS!

EZ-ACCESS Takes Part in Relay for Life

May is National Cancer Research Month, and the team at EZ-ACCESS is doing what we can to help fight this life-threatening condition. One of the ways we’re accomplishing this is by participating in our local Relay for Life event, which takes place on Saturday, May 13th from noon to midnight at our local high school football field.

However, this single event hasn’t been our only focus! Throughout the year, we have been holding fundraisers to reach our donation goal. All the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to help finance research for new, more effective treatments that may lead to finding a cure one day.

This isn’t the first year EZ-ACCESS has taken part in Relay for Life. Many of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another, so our involvement is deeply personal. Each year we set a goal of how much money we can raise for the cause, and this year we raised the bar higher than ever.

To reach our goal, we’ve had to be creative in our fundraising. Here are just a few examples of what we’ve done throughout the year:

  • Spring Has Sprung Gift Basket Raffle: We collected donations and put together gift baskets to raffle off to our employees. Some of these included a BBQ basket, a camping basket, a tool basket, a couple of kids’ toy baskets, and a Seahawks basket.
  • Car Wash: During the warmer months we have volunteers available to wash employees’ cars for a small donation.
  • Bake Sale: Who doesn’t love sweets? We have some talented folks that bake delicious treats and we package them up for sale in the lunchroom.
  • Wiener Wednesday: A favorite lunch fundraiser at EZ-ACCESS where volunteers barbeque hot dogs and serve them up with chips and a drink.
  • Taco Tuesday: Same as Wiener Wednesday, but with Tacos!
  • Chocolate Party: Because everyone needs more chocolate in their lives! Similar to our bake sale, all things chocolate are packaged up and sold for a small donation.
  • Flower Raffle: Around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day we raffle off beautiful flower arrangements made by one of our employees.

We encourage you to find a cause you are passionate about and see how you can make a difference for those living with a disease, disability, or ailment.




Stay Safe with These 3 Platform Lift Enhancements

Image of Man in Wheelchair on Platform Lift

At EZ-ACCESS, we are driven by our commitment to provide access solutions that break through barriers of daily life. The Passport Vertical Lift is a great solution for any difficult pathway, porch or platform, providing easy navigation to and from your home. With the addition of Passport Vertical Platform Lift accessories, you can get the most out of your equipment while staying safe and mobile.


  1. Passport Top Landing Gate

In order to prevent improper operation as well as keep your rider safe and protected, use the Passport Top Landing Gate. The gate provides an extra precaution, especially during the upcoming winter months. With the combination of a Pathway Connector Kit, the Top Landing Gate can also quickly be connected to a PATHWAY Modular Access System platform.

  1. Passport Platform Safety Rail

Simple installation of the Passport Platform Safety Rail enhances the stability of the rider and the lift’s operator. As snow, sleet, and ice begin to fall, the Platform Safety Rail gives you increased security when loading and unloading the lift.

  1. Passport Platform Weather Guard

Weather debris can cover and clog your platform lift. Keep your equipment clear with the Passport Platform Weather Guard. Using the Weather Guard, the Safety Pan on your Passport Vertical Platform Lift will stay clean and protected with a quick click into place.


EZ-ACCESS’s wide variety of product options will help you customize the Passport Vertical Platform Lift to get the most out of your equipment. For even more options, visit and enhance your lift and increase your mobility today!

Endless Possibilities: Exploring the Commercial/Industrial Use of EZ-ACCESS Products












Since the early 90s, EZ-ACCESS has become a household name in the homecare industry.  As a division of Homecare Products, their prime focus was portable and permanent mobility ramps for individuals with disabilities.  In recent years, however, the need became apparent for long-lasting and lightweight access solutions in the commercial/industrial market.  EZ-ACCESS’ offering was the perfect fit.  See how EZ-ACCESS’ superior ramps are the perfect solution in these specific industrial jobs:


EZ-ACCESS’ threshold mats and ramps are not just for residential use.  These versatile products make the entry transition for hand trucks or carts extra smooth while keeping your employees and products safe.

Material Handling/Delivery

When it comes to material transport, EZ-ACCESS has a variety of ramps and curb plates that make loading a truck, trailer, container or dock easy and safe.


Outside of ramps, EZ-ACCESS offers solid portable stair systems that provide reliable access to hoppers, boilers, or other machinery.


In the distribution and warehousing space, EZ-ACCESS ramps are uniquely engineered to take up minimal space and can easily be set up in a variety of areas used for loading and unloading heavy materials.


In the construction industry, safety is paramount.  This is why EZ-ACCESS portable ramps and stair systems are the best solution to quickly and safely access portable buildings or unload heavy equipment.


Transporting a cumbersome ramp along with a packed truck or trailer is a headache worth avoiding.  This is why the walk ramps at EZ-ACCESS feature a slim design. These narrow ramps are ideal when loading or unloading heavy furniture.

OSHA/Work Platforms/ADA

Permanent or portable, EZ-ACCESS keeps compliance in mind with all commercial/industrial products.  Compliant with OSHA and ADA, the Fortress and Titan product lines are easy to setup and provide safe access for all.

Completely Custom

As a full service aluminum fabrication facility, EZ-ACCESS can tackle custom solutions for a variety of jobs in recreation, education, industrial, construction and more!

At EZ-ACCESS, the aluminum accessibility capabilities are endless.  Our team loves to be challenged with a complex access issue, and are honored to provide a solution that works well for you and your needs.

Top Tips for College When Using a Wheelchair












Preparing for your college debut can be nerve-wracking!  With the start of fall classes quickly approaching, the pressure is on to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the collegiate challenges ahead.  If you or your child is starting this transition away from home, you’re not alone.  The team at EZ-ACCESS is here to provide major and minor tips for this huge milestone.

Know Your Rights

A major tip for students with disabilities entering college is to become aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law.  A great place to start is the Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibits discrimination of students with disabilities.  If you feel discriminated against or feel there is a barrier in your learning that could be addressed, know how to speak up about it and contact the appropriate campus individuals.

Know Your Abilities

In grade school, your parents and your teachers were in charge of identifying functional limitations that came up during the school day.  In college, however, that responsibility now rests on your shoulders.  Students with disabilities will need to be prepared to self-identify limitations in addition to creating an atmosphere for themselves that is conducive to their learning.  Parents have limited access to their child’s records, status and schedule unless granted by the student.  Have a talk with your family to determine what solutions may work best for you.

Know Your Support

Before college classes start, both you and your parents should walk through what support systems are in place.  Most colleges and universities offer disabilities services that will be available to discuss campus and community support, clubs, learning opportunities, adaptive technology and techniques to adjust a schedule for easier access throughout the day.

College can be a great experience for all students no matter their abilities or limitations.  Being vocal, knowledgeable and connected can help maximize your learning environment and how you experience college.  When it comes to accessibility, explore all that EZ-ACCESS has to offer in portable ramps, wheelchair packs and more!

How to Eat like a World-class Athlete












Last week, we covered how everyday adaptive athletes can improve their training using the training secrets of world-class athletes, but one major element was left out of last week’s article – food.  No matter how you train, if your diet isn’t right your training will not be as effective as it could be.  In order to help you get the most out of your training, Team EZ-ACCESS is offering these diet tips gathered from professional athlete interviews:

  1. Bananas – This fibrous fruit is packed with potassium and can contribute to the slow release of energy during those grueling morning training sessions – plus they have been proven to help your body recover faster, and are also an excellent post-training snack. They can also help protect your neuron cells, and fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, according to a study by Journal of Food Science.
  2. Beetroot Juice – Most commonly enjoyed by our friends across the pond, this deep red drink has shown great effects in boosting athletes’ stamina. The nitrate in the juice reduces oxygen uptake and allows athletes to exercise 16 percent longer than normal, according to the Journal of Applied Physiology.
  3. Oatmeal – What’s better than 100 percent whole grain? This filling meal choice keeps blood sugar and energy levels consistent throughout training and is a great source of fiber.
  4. Water – It’s important to stay hydrated at all times, especially when you’re training. The vice president of nutrition and research for Athletes’ Performance states that athletes should be consuming almost one ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.
  5. Chocolate Milk – Our personal favorite is the recommendation of chocolate milk as a recovery drink. Who wouldn’t want to chug a glassful after a workout?  In fact, this drink is a favorite amongst the Team USA swimmers to help their body recover between swims.

Now that you have the training and diet tips, why not prepare like a world-class athlete?  If you have questions about how gain better access to public training areas in your community, check out EZ-ACCESS’ portable ramps or wheelchair lifts today!

How to Train like a World-class Athlete












Very soon, certain games will be starting in Rio and our proud athletes have only a few short sessions left to finalize their training.  While their training techniques are complex and focused on specific muscle groups dependent on their sport, there are several tips the everyday adaptive athlete can use to improve their fitness regime.  In order to keep you healthy and pursuing your dreams, the EZ-ACCESS team is providing top athlete training tips drawn from professional athlete interviews and quotes:

  1. Schedule – the opportunities are there, but what your body can do when varies. What time of day do you have the most energy to dedicate to a workout?  Maintain a regular weekly schedule or routine to keep yourself on track.
  2. Be positive – whether you have a coach, trainer or are self-motivating, you need to find a way to stay positive in your attitude and pursuit of success. What are your goals and how will you keep looking forward?
  3. Challenge yourself with peers – there are many differences in the challenges disabled athletes experienced in their training. Do you have peers who push you and you push them?  Work out with a group of like-minded athletes with the same goals as you.
  4. Open-minded lifting – situating yourself into the typical lifting machines may be difficult, but keep an open mind. Find the machines that work best for you, continue to focus on maxing out and don’t get discouraged by the inability to use specific machines. Keep looking and you’ll find what works best for you.  The more you try, the more variety you’ll add to your workout.
  5. Adaptive Training – for disabled athletes, training for specific sports must be individual and flexible. What works for a standup athlete will most likely not work for a disabled athlete, so you’ll need to come up with training that mimics able-bodied training without becoming complacent or going too hard and risking injury.

In next week’s blog, see how specific foods and special diets help world-class athletes train harder, and could help you achieve your training goals.  For greater access to your favorite training spots, check out EZ-ACCESS’ large selection of strong, durable portable wheelchair ramps used for transportation and public access!