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Using EZ-ACCESS Products to Create a Home Designed for Accessibility



From the garage to the bathroom, we’re breaking through barriers with safe and easy-to-use accessibility solutions. If you’re looking for a specific solution for a room or area in your home, we can help you find the perfect product.


CONCIERGE® Residential Power Door Opener – With just a touch of a button, the CONCIERGE® Residential Power Door Opener can open and close interior and exterior doorways. It’s easy to install and comes with several safety features including adjustable door hold-open time and obstruction detector.


PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift – Don’t worry about access when it comes to your porch or elevated entrance. The PASSPORT® Vertical Lift is perfect for those with limited mobility and provides a smooth ride. The unit is adaptable for various heights and configurations. The controls are designed to be easy to use and features high-visibility LED indicator lights for simple troubleshooting.


TRANSITIONS® Angled and Modular Entry Ramp – Have an entryway in your home that’s raised or requires a step up? The TRANSITIONS® product line could be your perfect solution! These products create a seamless surface for thresholds and raised landings, can be used indoors and outdoors, and are portable so they can be moved from one entryway to the next.


TILT® Toilet Incline Lift – The TILT Toilet Incline Lift is the all-in-one bathroom safety solution. Easily activated to raise and lower with the push of a button, using this lift can maintain independence and still provide the needed security to avoid falls. Even better? It’s easy to clean and allows for better transfers for those in powerchairs and wheelchairs.


SUITCASE® Ramps – Designed to be easily transported from place to place, the SUITCASE® ramps are perfect for accessibility on the go, especially during the holiday season. If you’re visiting friends and family or hosting company in a wheelchair or powerchair, this may be the right solution for you.

PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System – This customizable system allows you to create a ramp for standard and unique entryways. With interchangeable options available, you have the flexibility to continue to upgrade the system as your needs or preferences change. This can be your long-lasting access solution since it’s built with aluminum materials designed to withstand the elements.


At EZ-ACCESS, we strive to create easy and safe accessibility solutions for all. Stay tuned to see what room we’re tackling next when it comes to providing solutions for home accessibility. For more information about our residential products, visit our website or contact us today.

How-to Install a Power Door Opener

power door opener

Less than a year ago, we added the CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener as well as a few other innovative solutions to our accessibility product family.  The response we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive with customers enjoying the lightweight design, low cost, customization and extremely easy installation.  If you are considering purchasing the CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener here is what you need to know:

Door Clearance

Before starting installation, be sure to check the door that you are installing your power door opener to for proper clearance and function.  Some areas to check include:

  1. Door should be in good condition which plumb, square and not warped.
  2. Door should NOT stick to the door jamb.
  3. Door should have standard butt hinges. Doors with springs or flimsy hinges will NOT operate correctly.
  4. At least three inches of clearance is needed above the top of the door.
  5. At least three and a half inches of clearance is needed past the door hinge to allow space for the door to open to 90 degrees with motor attached to top of door.
  6. Door should be within nine feet of a power outlet if using the factory power cord or within 12 feet of the door if using the optional electric strike low voltage wire

Parts Included

With the EZ-ACCESS CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener, you will receive the following:

  • 1 motor unit
  • 1 doughnut magnet
  • 6 wood screws
  • 4 binding bolts
  • 1 blank latch plate
  • 1 door stop (If you have a heavy door, you may want to consider purchasing a heavy duty door stop.)

You will also have the option to purchase these items:

  • An electric strike and face plate
  • Wall mounted push pad
  • Wireless keyless entry system
  • Garage door-style transmitter
  • Pendant-style transmitter

Power Door Installation

To install the EZ-ACCESS CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener, you’ll be installing each component in this order:

  1. Install Door Stop
  2. Mount Motor Unit and Lever Arm
  3. Optional – Install Electric Strike
  4. Program Receiver
  5. Adjust Settings

Since the power door opener installation instructions differ slightly depending on the model of CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener you are purchasing, visit the following pages for specific installation instructions:





If you’d like to learn more about the CONCIERGE 2300 Residential Power Door Opener, give us a call – we love chatting about this cost-effective, lightweight door opener solution for homeowners!

4 Vital Reasons You Might Need a Power Door

power door

If you live with assisted mobility equipment, you’re a pro at making adjustments. Tweaking and fine-tuning processes to help you lead life as usual becomes second nature, and your ability to solve problems creatively to navigate daily problems is unparalleled. You’ve learned what tools are necessary in helping you get around – grab bars, motorized scooters, walkers, etc. – and what tools err on the side of “luxury”.

Which category does “automatic door opener” fall under for you? Many may brush it off as a luxury – convenient, but not essential to daily life. However, if may be an essential tool if you’re faced with these four problems:

  • Remodeling exceeds cost: A door installed at the end of a narrow hallway or at the intersection of two walls may create tricky situation for assistive equipment users. Without room to squeeze to the side or back up to let the door swing open, a remodel to reinstall the doorway to a more convenient location may be necessary. However, a remodel may also be costly. If the price tag for remodeling blows past the cost of an automatic door opener, opt for the latter.
  • Run the risk of falling: It takes some maneuvering to make room for both a door and assisted mobility equipment. Shuffling around for someone already unsteady on their feet may create a serious tripping hazard, and the concern is amplified for doors located next to the top of stairs. Rather than tempting fate, a power door opener may be necessary to maintain safety and independence in your home.
  • Want to exert same effort as others: With assisted mobility equipment, you’ve gotten good at life hacks to make daily tasks a little easier. But even after jerry-rigging a rope to the door handle or perfecting the art of the grab-and-glide to get out of the way before the door hits you, it may be too timely or cumbersome to make adjustments just to live life as usual. If you need a boost maintaining normalcy, a power door opener may be the answer.
  • Can’t open it any other way: Maybe the reach between your chair and your door is too great. Maybe the door is too heavy to open from a seated position. Maybe the handle makes it difficult to grip and pull while shuffling your equipment out of the way. There are a number of reasons why opening a door with assisted mobility equipment may be too cumbersome to do on your own – and that’s okay. We can help with that.

Do any of these apply to you?

If you answered “yes,” the CONCIERGE™ 2300 Residential Power Door Opener from EZ-ACCESS may be right for you. Cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to operate, it’s the best answer to home mobility care. For help deciding if an automatic door opener is the best fit for you, gives us a call at 800-451-1903.