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Installing a Pathway® Modular Ramp System is a Breeze

If you’re considering becoming an EZ-ACCESS® Authorized Dealer and/or installer, get ready to be amazed on how quick, easy and stress free it is to install a Pathway® Modular Ramp System.  Aluminum ramps compared to wooden ramps are much easier to install, take less time and can be used within a day.  Today, EZ-ACCESS® would like to educate you how simple it is to install a Pathway® Modular Ramp System compared to a wooden ramp. installing-pathway-graphic
The EZ-ACCESS Pathway® Modular Ramp System is designed to meet all ADA requirements and can be installed at the client’s home.  All Pathway® Modular Ramp Systems provide levels of convenience, comfort and safety with every ramp that is installed.  General things to consider while installing a modular ramp would be to consider the slope and rise, clear width, landings, handrails, cross slope and surfaces, edge protection and outdoor conditions. The evaluation form you get with your job will have all the details laid out so you know how to assemble the ramp and what to look for while performing your quality check.
Depending on how large of a wooden ramp you build, it may need a trailer full of lumber to end up with a truck load of scrap wood after all the cuts, measurements and misjudgments.  Not to worry with aluminum ramps! Like wooden ramps, depending on what design you choose, the entire ramp and parts fits into the back most pickup trucks or cargo vans.  From our assembly line at EZ-ACCESS®, we try to make all sections of the ramps ready to go with no further installation needed other than applying the necessary brackets, nuts and bolts and other miscellaneous additions.
No saws, screws, nails or hammers needed. Why? With a Pathway® Modular Ramp System, just have a few different sockets ready along with your power screwdriver and charged batteries.  It’s always nice to have a second pair of hands holding and carrying pieces of the ramp to specific locations of the design.
If you’d like to see how a Pathway® Modular Ramp System is installed, visit our Youtube Page to see videos of EZ-ACCESS® and other products we offer. Please visit EZ-ACCESS® for more information if you and your business would like to be an Authorized Dealer.

Preparing for a Site Evaluation to Install a Modular Ramp System

Contractors all have different levels of knowledge and talk in varied ways of vocabulary.  It is easy to get confused or not understand what they’re talking about.  EZ-ACCESS® would like to help you understand what a contractor is talking about and looking for when they come to assess your home to measure for an EZ-ACCESS® Portable Ramp or Pathway® Modular Ramp
The most important thing that your EZ-ACCESS® Ramp contractor will discuss with you is your needs and wants to the ramp.  If you need a simple portable ramp to get over a couple of steps, threshold ramps to get over high doorways like a sliding door frame or a modular ramp system to get your wheelchair to a whole different level, the evaluator and contractor will go over the available ramp options for you and your home.
If you’re looking to install a Pathway® Modular Ramp System, pick a start and end point for the ramp.  The contractor will suggest smooth wheelchair transitions.  Also, decide if you want the ramp to connect to an existing porch or steps.  It isn’t wise to connect the ramp directly to a doorway threshold, as it doesn’t allow safe maneuvering entering or exiting the door. Also, it doesn’t allow any guests to your home to get in or out. The ramp will need to be connected to the wood or concrete porch.
The total rise will be measured next to determine the easiest transition and how much material will be needed to make your custom Pathway® Modular Ramp System.  Consider adding handrails to your Pathway® Modular Ramp System for added support and something to hold on to while traveling down the ramp, also so you don’t roll off the ramp.
Look for obstacles around your home that may disrupt adding a ramp in a certain spot or things that could land on the ramp which will need to be removed later like a tree branch or leaves.
Lastly, your contractor will discuss with you the next steps of getting your EZ-ACCESS® Portable Ramp or Pathway® Modular Ramp System installed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions as well!