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Maximizing Your Haulway® Lift is As Easy as A-B-C!


Getting the security you need to travel safely can present potential complications for individuals affected by disabilities. However, with the right tools, you can maintain your independence and still enjoy treasured experiences with your loved ones. So how do you start? By memorizing the alphabet!

A: Access

To get the customized solution you need to travel safely, Haulway vehicle lifts offer several options so you can securely enjoy the ride. With these lifts, you can take your mobility scooter or power chair with you when you travel and get the peace of mind you need to stay safe and active.

B: Boost

At EZ-ACCESS, we are committed to continually advancing our products so that you can get the most efficient access solution possible. That’s why we are proud to introduce our HAULWAY Scooter and Power Chair Lift portable battery pack option. Not only does this allow for increased ease of installation and a Plug-N-Play solution, but it does not require a direct connection to the vehicle’s battery. To keep your lift moving, simply install the battery pack near the license plate holder on your lift with the provided bolt-on tray. Once it is fully charged, your lift will be able to perform approximately 20 to 30 cycles, depending on the weight and current temperature. Since the Plug-N-Play option does not require wiring to the vehicle, there is no invasive assembly required.  Featuring a durable and weather-resistant case as well as a status indicator for easy reading, this portable battery pack is the perfect investment in getting the most out of your HAULWAY vehicle lift!

C: Contact

With the Haulway vehicle lift, you can ensure you have access no matter where your travels take you. By utilizing the battery pack option, there is no limit to where you can go. To get started on your journey, the team at EZ-ACCESS is here to help. Learn more about the advantages of the Haulway portable battery pack by contacting us today!

Lift Off for Safety with HAULWAY® Vehicle Lifts!


Traveling can bring potential problems for those who use a scooter or power chair. Although mobility devices create a safe and easy aid in completing daily tasks, they also can cause difficulty when using vehicles. At EZ-ACCESS, security is our primary concern. To stay active no matter where you go, Haulway vehicle lifts provide the perfect safety solution for you and your loved ones. Available in three models, these scooter and power chair lifts attach to a wide range of vehicles and provide you with the customized solution you need to keep moving forward.

Get the Job Done with the Haulway Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift

No matter your mobility restrictions, life does not slow down! For heavy-duty security and functionality, the Haulway® Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift has got you covered. Designed for large scooters and power chairs with a weight capacity of 325 pounds, it makes transportation a breeze. Featuring auto-retractable ratchet tie-downs and an automatic fold system, this vehicle lift gives you the support you need to obtain the freedom you deserve.

Find the Right Fit with the Haulway Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift

Our most popular automatic external lift solution, the Haulway® Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift is designed with your convenience in mind. With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, the lift is equipped to carry medium to large three to four wheel scooters or medium-sized power chairs. Available for use on vehicles with a Class II or Class III hitch, the Haulway Standard Scooter and Power Chair Lift is the perfect way to enjoy life on the road!

Keep it Simple with the Haulway Lite Scooter and Power Chair Lift

For lightweight mobility devices, the HAULWAY Lite Scooter and Power Chair Lift is the perfect solution! Featuring a 175-pound weight capacity and an automatic tilt to secure your mobility device over steep inclines; this vehicle lift is the perfect way to transport your smaller mobility unit with ease.

Traveling with disabilities can be complicated but, with the right gear, you will be on the go in no time. To find the right fit for your travel needs, the EZ-ACCESS® Haulway® Lift Master is the simple way to find out which lift is ideal for your mobility device and vehicle.

At EZ-ACCESS, we are not only committed to ensuring you have the mobility solutions you need to enjoy life to the fullest, but we are devoted to continual improvement. That’s why we are proud to introduce the new Haulway portable battery pack. To find out more about this exciting new product, contact our team today!

Top Products to Aid in Your Caregiving Routine












At EZ-ACCESS, we recognize caregivers across the world for their commitment and dedication. This November, celebrate National Caregivers Month with these tips to help you and your loved one in your day-to-day routine.

Safety proof their surroundings. Areas such as the bathroom offer potential risk of injury. For patients with limited mobility, EZ-ACCESS has a wide range of helpful tools such as the TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift . Equipped with an easy to use Companion Control, it allows both the individual and caregiver to operate the seat with a push of a button. Combining the functionality of a heavy duty commode with a lift chair, it is an easy-to-use bathroom safety solution.

Find the ramp you need. At EZ-ACCESS, we know that ramps are one of the key ways to provide secure accessibility for your loved one.  However, it can be difficult to determine which ramp fits your needs. To aid in the this process, EZ-ACCESS offers our ramp selector tool. This resource allows you to pinpoint your requirements, from vehicle to home use, and get the ramp that’s right. Using this resource as well as our incline calculator limits the potential frustration and takes out the guesswork.

Look to lifts. If a ramp increases congestion in the entrance of your home, you may want to turn to vertical platform lifts. The HAULWAY® Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift provides sturdy security and functionality for large scooters and power chairs. With a 325-pound weight capacity, it is the safe and secure way to improve accessibility. By incorporating a universal tray design, your loved one will have a wide range of mobility devices available so that you can breathe easier.

At EZ-ACCESS, we know that caregiving is an important commitment. For additional support, our line of aids to daily living can help benefit you and your loved one.

Benefits of the HAULWAY Scooter & Power Chair Lift

scooter lift benefits

If you use a mobility device like a mobility scooter or power chair, or you live with someone who does, you know that traveling with mobility devices can be a real hassle. First, you have to make sure the device can fit in your vehicle, then you have to disassemble the device to get it in the vehicle. All of this requires extra time and effort. EZ-ACCESS is here to help save you time and to make traveling easier with a simple solution: the HAULWAY Scooter & Power Chair Lift.

Lifts for Vehicles of All Sizes

There is a belief out there that once you start living with limited mobility, it means your life instantly becomes more expensive. This is especially true when it comes to vehicles, as the common belief is you have to purchase a new vehicle to be compatible with your power chair or mobility scooter. With the HAULWAY Lift, you may not have to change your vehicle, because we have three different lifts that can attach to the rear of a wide range of vehicles.

HAULWAY Lite Scooter & Power Chair Lift

The most lightweight model of the HAULWAY Series, the HAULWAY Lite features a 175-pound capacity to hold your mobility device. The lift weighs itself weighs just 93 pounds and is compatible with vehicles that have either a class II or a class III hitch.

HAULWAY Standard Scooter & Power Chair Lift

Capable of supporting mobility devices that weigh up to 275 pounds, the HAULWAY Standard can carry large 3- or 4-wheel scooters or medium-sized power chairs. Once installed, the lift weighs as little as 90 pounds and fits either class II or class III hitches.

HAULWAY Heavy Duty Scooter & Power Chair Lift

The HAULWAY Heavy Duty is our most rugged lift that can be attached to a vehicle. With a 325-pound weight capacity, it can handle a wide range of mobility devices and has an integrated suspension system with a fully boxed base frame. The lift weighs 107 pounds when installed and works with class II and class III hitches.

EZ-ACCESS believes in providing you with solutions to help make your life easier as you live with limited mobility, whether that’s at home or when you’re traveling. Please contact us to learn more about the accessibility solutions we provide.

Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter Lift

mobility scooter lift

EZ-ACCESS is excited to introduce new power lift options for your scooter and wheelchair. These additions to homes and vehicles can help boost your mobility, making transport easier for you and your loved ones. Deciding whether or not a power lift will benefit you is the first step. After that, questions about finding the perfect lift to accommodate your needs and lifestyle will crop up. We’ve answered three of the top questions you may face as you search for the right power lift:

  1. What type of chair can it accommodate? Your three-wheeled scooter may get away with a lightweight lift, whereas a four-wheeled, ultra heavy-duty power chair may require more support. Compare the product specifications of the lift you’re eying with information about your mobility device, considering total lifting weight capacity, tray size where it sits, and height-and-width dimensions to ensure it can fit snugly and securely.
  2. Can I still access the trunk of my car? Attached to the hitch at the back of your vehicle, lifts can securely transport any size of power chair with relative ease. The ability to easily access the rear space of your vehicle from the outside may be hindered by a lift designed to remain stationary while squarely attached to your hitch. However, some lifts come with swingaway options, which can glide aside and allow you to access your tailgate, hatch, or trunk smoothly. The HAULWAY™ Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift features swingaway capability to accommodate your needs as well as a wide range of mobility devices.
  3. Will insurance cover my choice? It depends. Your carrier will determine whether or not a power lift and other power chair accessories qualify under your current coverage option. Before you settle on the perfect lift, consult with your insurance agent, who’ll determine the parameters of your search based on price and style of power lift covered.

Your mobility scooter may give you freedom to roam, but a power lift can help take you even further. Connect with an EZ-ACCESS expert at 800-451-1903 to gain assistance and information that’ll help you land the power lift you need.