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Navigate Beaches With Ease This Spring Break

wheelchair beaches

After a winter of shaking and shivering, a spring getaway to warmer weather is an ideal way to unthaw. Although beaches offer the toasty temperatures you’ve been dreaming about, the sandy terrain might seem like a barrier between the promise of sun and your mobility device. EZ-ACCESS strives to help you find accessible options to seize each day, and we suggest the following fair-weather tips to squeeze the most out of your beachside spring break:

  • Research accessible beaches: More and more, beachy tourist destinations are revamping to accommodate mobility devices. Look for beaches that feature paved walking paths around the perimeter and boardwalks that extend into the sand from adjacent parking lots. Also, consider the set-up of restrooms and changing houses to ensure a smooth outing.
  • Look into beach wheelchairs: Sand and uneven ground creates a hassle when navigating your daily wheelchair around the beach. With oversized tires and breathable mesh seating, beach wheelchairs are designed to help you tackle the sand with ease. Check with your beach’s lifeguard station or your hotel’s concierge to see if they have a few for paid or free rental, or ask around at beachside storefronts.
  • Bring tarps: If a beach wheelchair isn’t an option, pack a few durable tarps or mats for your outing. When laid out, the barrier between sand and wheels creates a runway to get you from parking lot to sandy spot with less difficulty. Bringing two tarps allows you to station your chair on one surface while the other is placed in front of you, creating a rotation for an adjustable path.
  • Wear a floatation belt: When you want to cool off in the waves, your caregiver can give you a hand maneuvering from sitting in your chair to sitting in shallow waters. Wearing a flotation belt discreetly offers back support while you sit and a layer of safety in the event of tipping for those with weak muscle control.
  • Take advantage of nearby shops: Escaping out of the midday sun and into nearby shops is part of a successful day at the beach. Visit restaurants outside of peak meal hours to avoid the hubbub of tourists, and look for restaurants that offer sidewalk and other outdoor seating options to enjoy the breeze outside of hard-to-navigate indoor seating layouts.

As you travel, transporting your mobility chair doesn’t need to be a hassle. Our line of SUITCASE portable wheelchair ramps offer portable, lightweight solutions to rolling your mobility device in and out of your vehicle with ease so you can zip from the parking lot to the beach in no time. Questions? Let us know!

Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Helpful Tips for a Full and Accessible Childhood

spinal muscular atrophy

August is Spinal Muscular Atrophy Month and EZ-ACCESS is raising awareness about this devastating and debilitating disease. If your child lives with SMA, EZ-ACCESS is bringing you helpful tips for your child to live a full childhood.

Spinal muscular atrophy is caused by a mutation in a motor neuron gene 1. What does this mean? In a healthy person, this gene will normally produce protein that is critical to the functioning of the nerves that control our muscles. Without this protein, the nerves will eventually die leading to debilitating muscle weakness. 1 in 50 Americans is a genetic carrier.

Accessible playgrounds-

Accessible playgrounds are a new trend that is here to stay for children across the country. Nearly every state in the USA has an accessible playground, including Washington. Accessible playgrounds welcome children of all abilities and your children can play without restrictions that most playgrounds have for those in a wheelchair.

Home accessibility-

If an accessible playground is not anywhere near your home, there are still ways to entertain your child who lives with SMA. EZ-ACCESS has a variety of accessible ramps for the front, side and back doors of your home. The Pathway Modular Access System is ideal for your front door because of the sleek and easy to use ramp.  For the side door or into the garage area, a Transition Angled Entry Mat will assist the wheelchair user while going over the lip of a door. For the backdoor into the backyard or back patio, the Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp is ideal so your child can enjoy the backyard with friends and family. This ramp is portable, so you can take it on vacations and errands.

Spinal muscular atrophy is a serious and debilitating muscle disease. EZ-ACCESS is here for all of your home accessibility needs, easily find an EZ-ACCESS ramp dealer here.


Accessible Playground: What it is and how to find one near you


Not long ago, an exciting trend began popping up across the United States, accessible playgrounds. This is an exciting trend in the playground world because it is an inclusive and accessible environment. EZ-ACCESS is dedicating this blog to telling you what an accessible playground is and how you can locate an accessible playground for your child to enjoy.

What is an accessible playground?

An accessible playground is an inclusive and accessible environment for all children to play without restrictions because of a wheelchair. These types of playgrounds make it easy for children in wheelchairs to feel like they have a place to play without thinking about their wheelchair holding them back. These playgrounds have been popping up to comply with ADA guidelines and communities that want accessible playgrounds.

How do I find an accessible playground?

There are more accessible playgrounds out there than you may think. Exciting news: nearly every state in the USA has an accessible playground! There is even a directory of accessible playgrounds so you can see which cities in your state have these playgrounds for your children to enjoy.

Where are the accessible playgrounds in Washington?

Washington has quite a few accessible playgrounds to choose from, depending on where you live.

Cresent Creek Park- Gig Harbor, Washington: This Park is an all-ability with all-inclusive play equipment for children of all abilities. The park offers access for adults of limited ability as well.

Discovery Playground and Sensory Garden- Auburn, Washington: From water jets to easily accessible pathways, this is the perfect summertime fun spot for children of all abilities. Raised plant beds at the sensory garden can help wheelchair users see all that it has to offer.

Meadow Crest Park- Renton, Washington: Another accessible part in a different area of Washington state. View all the rest of the accessible parks here.

EZ-ACCESS hopes you are able to enjoy these parks for the rest of the summer into the fall season. Learn more about our accessibility ramps for your home.