Benefits of the HAULWAY Scooter & Power Chair Lift

scooter lift benefits

If you use a mobility device like a mobility scooter or power chair, or you live with someone who does, you know that traveling with mobility devices can be a real hassle. First, you have to make sure the device can fit in your vehicle, then you have to disassemble the device to get it in the vehicle. All of this requires extra time and effort. EZ-ACCESS is here to help save you time and to make traveling easier with a simple solution: the HAULWAY Scooter & Power Chair Lift.

Lifts for Vehicles of All Sizes

There is a belief out there that once you start living with limited mobility, it means your life instantly becomes more expensive. This is especially true when it comes to vehicles, as the common belief is you have to purchase a new vehicle to be compatible with your power chair or mobility scooter. With the HAULWAY Lift, you may not have to change your vehicle, because we have three different lifts that can attach to the rear of a wide range of vehicles.

HAULWAY Lite Scooter & Power Chair Lift

The most lightweight model of the HAULWAY Series, the HAULWAY Lite features a 175-pound capacity to hold your mobility device. The lift weighs itself weighs just 93 pounds and is compatible with vehicles that have either a class II or a class III hitch.

HAULWAY Standard Scooter & Power Chair Lift

Capable of supporting mobility devices that weigh up to 275 pounds, the HAULWAY Standard can carry large 3- or 4-wheel scooters or medium-sized power chairs. Once installed, the lift weighs as little as 90 pounds and fits either class II or class III hitches.

HAULWAY Heavy Duty Scooter & Power Chair Lift

The HAULWAY Heavy Duty is our most rugged lift that can be attached to a vehicle. With a 325-pound weight capacity, it can handle a wide range of mobility devices and has an integrated suspension system with a fully boxed base frame. The lift weighs 107 pounds when installed and works with class II and class III hitches.

EZ-ACCESS believes in providing you with solutions to help make your life easier as you live with limited mobility, whether that’s at home or when you’re traveling. Please contact us to learn more about the accessibility solutions we provide.