Explore Washington State’s Accessible Attractions

accessible attractions Washington state
June is the perfect time to celebrate the beautiful summer by going to one of Washington state’s accessible attractions. EZ-ACCESS is proud to be located in the great state of Washington because there are many destinations that are wheelchair accessible.
Many initiatives have been put forth in Washington to make areas wheelchair accessible. Today, wheelchair users are able to access the grounds of all the state and national parks with ease, so they can fully enjoy all aspects of Washington’s natural landmarks.
Known as the evergreen state, Washington parks can be the main stop on your summer travel plans because of the accessibility they offer. If you want to see a surplus of scenic views, wildlife, and rolling waves of the ocean, check out the Olympic National Park.
Olympic National Park
From fields of wildflowers to vast mountain scenes, the Olympic National Park also contains some of the largest remnants of ancient forests left in the country. The only issue at this park would be that there are so many areas to explore, so this site seeing adventure may take two days. The Visitor Center is totally accessible, so you will have no problem getting information from the staff.
Pioneer Square
Known as one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, you can explore the renaissance architecture with ease. The district covers an 88 acre space in Seattle with endless opportunity for fun activities. The area has a variety of tours, including spooky ghost tours for the fearless! Depending on the tour you are interested in, call ahead to make sure it is wheelchair accessible.
Chinatown, International District
Are you looking for a taste of culture without leaving Washington state? Chinatown is the perfect destination. In this district, many Asian cultures work together as one, which makes this area an even more appealing destination for wheelchair users. The vast amount of restaurants will have your mouth watering for some international cuisine. A majority of the area is accessible, so plan your visit for some cultured fun.
Regardless of your interests, EZ-ACCESS knows the importance of finding fun and safe activities to do that are accessible in a wheelchair.