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4 Vital Reasons You Might Need a Power Door

power door

If you live with assisted mobility equipment, you’re a pro at making adjustments. Tweaking and fine-tuning processes to help you lead life as usual becomes second nature, and your ability to solve problems creatively to navigate daily problems is unparalleled. You’ve learned what tools are necessary in helping you get around – grab bars, motorized scooters, walkers, etc. – and what tools err on the side of “luxury”.

Which category does “automatic door opener” fall under for you? Many may brush it off as a luxury – convenient, but not essential to daily life. However, if may be an essential tool if you’re faced with these four problems:

  • Remodeling exceeds cost: A door installed at the end of a narrow hallway or at the intersection of two walls may create tricky situation for assistive equipment users. Without room to squeeze to the side or back up to let the door swing open, a remodel to reinstall the doorway to a more convenient location may be necessary. However, a remodel may also be costly. If the price tag for remodeling blows past the cost of an automatic door opener, opt for the latter.
  • Run the risk of falling: It takes some maneuvering to make room for both a door and assisted mobility equipment. Shuffling around for someone already unsteady on their feet may create a serious tripping hazard, and the concern is amplified for doors located next to the top of stairs. Rather than tempting fate, a power door opener may be necessary to maintain safety and independence in your home.
  • Want to exert same effort as others: With assisted mobility equipment, you’ve gotten good at life hacks to make daily tasks a little easier. But even after jerry-rigging a rope to the door handle or perfecting the art of the grab-and-glide to get out of the way before the door hits you, it may be too timely or cumbersome to make adjustments just to live life as usual. If you need a boost maintaining normalcy, a power door opener may be the answer.
  • Can’t open it any other way: Maybe the reach between your chair and your door is too great. Maybe the door is too heavy to open from a seated position. Maybe the handle makes it difficult to grip and pull while shuffling your equipment out of the way. There are a number of reasons why opening a door with assisted mobility equipment may be too cumbersome to do on your own – and that’s okay. We can help with that.

Do any of these apply to you?

If you answered “yes,” the CONCIERGE™ 2300 Residential Power Door Opener from EZ-ACCESS may be right for you. Cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to operate, it’s the best answer to home mobility care. For help deciding if an automatic door opener is the best fit for you, gives us a call at 800-451-1903.

Winter is coming. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Is your ramp ready?


Since 1818, Farmer’s Almanac has provided long-range weather predictions with surprising accuracy, thanks to a secret formula by founder Robert. B. Thomas. Evolving science and technology have helped the trusted weather forecaster increase in accurate readings and fan following. This year, Almanac warns that Mother Nature is preparing to unleash her frozen fury across most of the United States, slamming regions and sparring few. Below, a breakdown of which regions should prepare their EZ-ACCESS aluminum ramps for winter action:

Rockies and Pacific Northwest: Some people have all the luck. Milder than normal temperatures are expected for the Western United States, with moderately wet to dry conditions expected. Start booking your Spring Break getaway to these temperate climates now.

Central United States: After years of braving piercing winds and arctic temperatures, Central-Midwest states finally get a reprieve from odd weather. Western and central Great Lakes, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and most of the Great Plains can expect near-normal weather temperatures and typical snowfall, breathing a sigh of relief as surrounding states feel the frozen burn. (But don’t relax too deeply: “typical Midwest winter” still means snow, subzero temps, and chilly winds. Just maybe not so wild.)

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio Region: Deemed “snow filled & frigid,” be especially kind to the residents of these states. If you enjoy snow, this is the perfect place to be, as it’s predicted to receive quite the blanket of it this winter.

Texas and South Central Region: Now’s a good time to invest in waterproof clothing, as this winter will be a wet one. An increase in rain will meet with the occasional shot of bitter cold temps, showering the Southern states in a handful of sleet storms and slush.

Florida, Tennessee, and the Southeastern U.S.: Pull your scarves a little tighter and your jackets a little closer, as residents here are in for an unseasonably chilly season. Though relatively dry, temperatures will dip unexpectedly, mixing with the occasional blast of cold to create a White Christmas in some shape or form.

…and then there’s the east: Poor, poor New England. Last year, the region experienced the number one snowiest season in regional history, with Boston receiving 110 inches alone. 23 eastern states experienced top-ten coldest Februaries they’d ever scene, breaking freezing records left and right. Though snow is predicted to subside a bit this winter, residents are being prepped for a “super cold,” seeing further record-shattering subzero temperatures.

If you’re scheduled to receive an arctic visit this winter, stock up on cat litter now to provide no-residue traction on your aluminum ramp, which can be swept rather than shoveled away to prevent scratching or damages. Rain, snow, or shine, EZ-ACCESS is here to help you stay mobile in the midst of life’s storms. Give us a call to get moving today!