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4 VITAL Tips for Caregivers on How to Care for Yourself

caregiver tips

When you become a caregiver, life as you knew it is forever changed. Not only do you reorient your life around someone else’s, but you learn to juggle new equipment, techniques, and challenges that come with their new lifestyle. In the shuffle, it’s easy to push your needs aside to attend to the needs of another, but doing so can create serious burnout. EZ-ACCESS wants you to recognize Emotional Wellness Month by putting yourself first in these four areas:

  • Practice honesty: Guilt, resentment, loneliness, anger… you’ll experience them all as a caregiver, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is burying them under a brave face that you wear like a mask in front of others and to yourself. Be open about the struggles that come with full-time care, and take heart that your friends and support system want to walk with you through the highs and the lows.
  • Increase your Zzzs: You help your loved one during every waking moment, so treasure the peace and private time that comes with sleep. Calm your mind with deep breathing or yoga-inspired stretches before bedtime, or spend time journaling out your emotions after a rough day, leaving you clear-headed and ready for bed and rest.
  • Work it Out: The endorphin blast you receive from a workout keeps your body strong and spirits high. Finding a 30-minute block of time may be challenging, so try exercising in three 10-minute chunks throughout the day instead. Bonus points if you exercise with a buddy, who can provide extra motivation and TLC.
  • Treat yourself: Take a break. Not only do you deserve it, you need it. Find an activity that brings you joy, and intentionally make time to practice it. Reading, browsing the Internet, blasting music, and watching funny videos feel like a luxury when your world revolves around someone else, so let yourself enjoy the moments that are all about you. Pamper yourself with the occasional massage or manicure to rely unwind and remind yourself that you’re a strong and valued individual.

It’s taxing work, but your role as a caregiver is so important. EZ-ACCESS can make life a little easier for you and your loved one with accessories and appliances that give you mobility and freedom. Reach out at (800)451-1903 to find out how we can give you a hand.

The Home Danger Zones for Individuals with Limited Mobility

limited mobility bathroom kitchen

Outside your house, the world poses unique obstacles when living with limited mobility. However, without proper adjustments, danger could be lurking in your own home, too. In honor of National Kitchen and Bath Month, EZ-ACCESS has identified red-alert areas and modifications to make your home a safe haven.

Kitchen Dangers:

  • Stovetops: Knobs stationed at the back of stovetops force wheelchair-bound chefs to reach across hot burners to operate. Reduce the risk by choosing stovetops with knobs and push-buttons on the front panel. Additionally, consider installing a mirror above the stove to check on food as it cooks rather than removing pans and risking hot spills.
  • Counters: Ceramic or marble countertops become slick with juice when chopping fruits and veggies, making an accidental slip of a knife likely. Gain stability with nonslip or rubberized cutting mats or boards for an added grip while you prep.
  • Shelving: A container stashed too high on the shelf or too far back in the cupboard requires a reach, which can upset your balance and send you tumbling. Shelves that slide out or revolving Lazy Susan cupboards bring the item right to you, no awkward stretching required.

Bathroom Dangers:

  • Sinks: To accommodate wheelchairs, some sinks expose plumbing pipes. Hot water flowing through the system can heat pipes to a point that causes serious burns. Cover with insulation or box them in to prevent a surprise scalding.
  • Tubs: Transferring from chair to tub requires coordination, putting your limited balance to the test. The possibility of slips, bumps, and missteps are endless without the proper assistance gear. A simple grab bar installed to a wall or the interior of a shower can make all the difference, as can swivel-style shower seats, roll-in showers, and benches that extend past the bathtub.
  • Toilets: Much like chair-to-tub action, maneuvering from one seat to another poses risk when accessing the toilet. A seat riser for your toilet evens the playing field and makes the move easier, and safety rails provide a sturdy place for leaning and regaining balance.
  • Flooring: Ceramic and tile floors paired with splashing water from sinks and tubs create the perfect storm for an impending slip. Placing non-slip bath matts in front of the sink, tub, and bathroom door still provide easy access for walkers and wheelchairs while reducing the risk of taking a tumble.

Your home should be a place of rest, not risk. EZ-ACCESS encourages you to maintain your independence with smart solutions to daily challenges. Give us a call at 800-451-1903 to find out more solutions for accessibility in your home such as ramps, power chair lifts, platform lifts and accessible bathing products!

6 Savory Foods Spiking Diabetes Complications

worst diabetic foods

According to a 2014 study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 29.1 million Americans currently suffer from diabetes.  However, even though a large portion of our population is affected by this health condition, there is still a misunderstanding of diet choices that affect diabetes.  In an effort to educate our loved ones, EZ-ACCESS is identifying these top foods to avoid for those with diabetes.

Review this list of the worst foods for diabetes and share with loved ones who need a reminder!

  1. Pretzels – While you may think pretzels reside on the healthy side, the basic ingredients tell a different tale. Made up of white flour, yeast, salt and vegetable oil, this snack offers no nutritional value and actually destroy your blood sugar numbers.  Better choice – rice cakes.
  2. Bacon – This fatty cut of meat is loaded with saturated fat which spurs inflammation throughout the body and puts you at even greater risk for heart disease. Better choice – lean meats.
  3. Whole Milk – A better name would be Whole Fat. Whole milk is high in saturated fat greatly affects insulin resistance.  Better choice – skim or even 1% milk.
  4. White Bread – Refined starches like the ones packed in to white bread, interfere with your glucose control. Better choice – whole wheat bread.
  5. French Fries – Before you order up a plate of trans fat heaven (french fries), keep in mind that this starchy, fatty side dish will cause your glucose levels to sky rocket and increase your bad cholesterol, in turn increasing your risk of heart disease. Better choice – almost any other side dish.
  6. Raisins – Raisins, or any dried fruit, are sure to make your blood sugar spike. This is caused by natural sugars becoming highly concentrated in the dehydration process.  Better choice – fresh fruit.

Rounding out this list of the worst foods for diabetes is candy, fruit juice, pancakes and syrup, and pastries.  If you suffer from diabetes or are working to prevent it, we recommend steering clear of these 6 foods for sure as well as other unhealthy choices described by your doctor.

While EZ-ACCESS does not offer treatment options for diabetes, we do offer solutions in home accessibility and mobility accessories. If you would like to discuss better accessibility solutions for your home, contact EZ-ACCESS at 800-451-1903 today!