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Stay Cool in a Wheelchair: Beat the Heat

stay cool wheelchair
June is a month that kicks off summer and the heat is in full force. You are trying to figure out ways to stay cool in your wheelchair and beat the heat. Not only does EZ-ACCESS specialize in ramps of all kinds, but we have come up with ways for you to stay cool in a wheelchair.
Sometimes it can be frustrating to be in a wheelchair when the sun is beating down, but you don’t want to miss out on the fun summer activities. Even on the hottest of days, you can enjoy the sun as long as you take proper measures to stay cool and beat the heat.
Staying hydrated is first and foremost the best thing you can do for yourself during the hottest of days. While in your wheelchair, it may get irritating to constantly have to reach in your bag for that bottle of water or have it sitting by you. Although irritating, it is important to always drink water because staying hydrated is important to your health. A great way to stop the irritation of having your water bottle sitting next to you all the time is to get the Underneath Carrier for your wheelchair from EZ-ACCESS.
A few ways to stay cool in a wheelchair are to cover the arm rests, sit on a towel or pillow for comfort, or carry a mist fan. By covering the arm rests, you will keep the sun from beating on the dark colored power chair. You can also cool off by having a cold towel on your neck for relief from the summer heat. Are you now wondering where you would store all of these items when they are not in use? Try the Wheelchair Pack to store anything from cooling solutions to your favorite book.
EZ-ACCESS takes a special interest in your safety and wellbeing. We see the importance of finding ways to stay cool in a wheelchair. Always staying hydrated is essential to keeping cool and having cooling solutions with you at all times in your wheelchair’s storage bag can make time spent outside in the summer heat more enjoyable.
We hope these ideas to stay cool in a wheelchair were helpful because we want you to be as comfortable as possible while making memories outside at the park, with the family, or in anywhere you go this summer.

Sun Safety: 4 Fabulous Tips for Summer

Sun safety tips summer
June is National Cancer from the Sun Month and EZ-ACCESS wants to be sure you know best practices to avoid sun burns and skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and it affects over two million people each year. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Because of these startling statistics, it is essential that you wear sunscreen, especially during the summer when the sun gives off stronger rays. Since it is National Cancer from the Sun Month, EZ-ACCESS has compiled a list of tips for you to follow for sun safety at the beach, in the backyard, or anywhere you may encounter the sun.

  • Seek shade when possible between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. This is when the sun is most powerful and when sun burns are likely to occur.
  • Even one burn can increase your risk of skin cancer, so avoiding sun burns all together will lower your risk of getting melanoma or any other form of skin cancer.
  • Sunscreen is the top way to promote sun safety. Use sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Proof Factor) of 15 or higher each day. Wearing sunscreen everyday will ensure that you are protected from the sun’s rays. The higher the SPF the better, particularly for those who burn easily.
  • Wear wide brimmed hats for protecting your face. You can find a fun and fashionable hat to protect your face from burning while looking fabulous. Wearing a moisturizer everyday can help to protect your face during all seasons.

EZ-ACCESS is concerned about the welfare of every part of you and skin health is essential to your wellbeing because it is the first line of defense for your body.  Summertime is all about being outdoors, having barbeques, and exploring your surroundings. Always keep sun safety in mind. These steps can help better the health of your skin and help with the prevention of all forms of skin cancer.

Explore Washington State’s Accessible Attractions

accessible attractions Washington state
June is the perfect time to celebrate the beautiful summer by going to one of Washington state’s accessible attractions. EZ-ACCESS is proud to be located in the great state of Washington because there are many destinations that are wheelchair accessible.
Many initiatives have been put forth in Washington to make areas wheelchair accessible. Today, wheelchair users are able to access the grounds of all the state and national parks with ease, so they can fully enjoy all aspects of Washington’s natural landmarks.
Known as the evergreen state, Washington parks can be the main stop on your summer travel plans because of the accessibility they offer. If you want to see a surplus of scenic views, wildlife, and rolling waves of the ocean, check out the Olympic National Park.
Olympic National Park
From fields of wildflowers to vast mountain scenes, the Olympic National Park also contains some of the largest remnants of ancient forests left in the country. The only issue at this park would be that there are so many areas to explore, so this site seeing adventure may take two days. The Visitor Center is totally accessible, so you will have no problem getting information from the staff.
Pioneer Square
Known as one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, you can explore the renaissance architecture with ease. The district covers an 88 acre space in Seattle with endless opportunity for fun activities. The area has a variety of tours, including spooky ghost tours for the fearless! Depending on the tour you are interested in, call ahead to make sure it is wheelchair accessible.
Chinatown, International District
Are you looking for a taste of culture without leaving Washington state? Chinatown is the perfect destination. In this district, many Asian cultures work together as one, which makes this area an even more appealing destination for wheelchair users. The vast amount of restaurants will have your mouth watering for some international cuisine. A majority of the area is accessible, so plan your visit for some cultured fun.
Regardless of your interests, EZ-ACCESS knows the importance of finding fun and safe activities to do that are accessible in a wheelchair.

Best Cruises for Disabled Travelers

disabled travelers cruise
Are you worried about finding a cruise line that will accommodate your needs? EZ-ACCESS is here to put your worries aside because there are plenty of cruise lines that are wheelchair accessible for disabled travelers.
Whether you want to go to Alaska or the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, many cruise lines offer rooms that can accommodate you with ease. There are several cruise ships that are well known for their special features and accommodations for those who live with a disability.
EZ-ACCESS has provided you with a list of cruise lines and specific ships that are the most accommodating for disabled travelers:
Royal Caribbean:
Many of Royal Caribbean’s ships are among the largest cruise vessels to ever be built. Bigger ships mean that the cruise line can provide more activity for wheelchair users some of the most spacious rooms and decks. The Freedom-class, Radiance-class, and the Vision-class ships offer lifts in the pool and spa areas so you can experience the freedom of enjoying the cruise ship’s on-board waters. They all have a number of accessible rooms for convenience.
Celebrity Cruises:
This cruise line focuses on accessible shore excursions for wheelchair passengers. Celebrity Cruises has put an effort into making their ships more disability friendly and compliant with the American with Disabilities Act, which outlines standard features that should be available to wheelchair users. The focus of this cruise line’s accessibility is on the spa services wheelchair users can receive and shore excursion experience for wheelchair users.
Disney Cruise Line:
These cruise ships are particularly targeted to families with disabled children because they make the experience accessible for them. The Disney Cruise’s mission is that children should be able to participate in youth programs regardless of their physical ability. The theaters onboard offer wheelchair accessibility and the Disney private island, Castaway Bay is able to be used by all visitors including wheelchair users.
Holland America:
Holland America has partnered with Special Needs at Sea to offer passengers the same experience all other visitors get. They provide certain wheelchairs for those in need and other special equipment. Additional in room equipment can be provided by the cruise line.
EZ-ACCESS has provided you with a variety of options if you are thinking about taking a cruise to any destination. Whether you are looking to relax or explore, these cruise lines offer a wide array of options for to meet the needs of disabled travelers.

Portable Threshold Transitions: Which Transition Model is Right for Me?

portable threshold transitions
You know you need Portable Threshold Transitions from EZ-ACCESS and the next step is deciding which specific model you should choose. EZ-ACCESS offers a wide array of portable wheelchair transitions for different purposes and we are writing today about which model is right for your needs.
Our Threshold Transition Ramps are durable and affordable for you. They provide access to places you may not have access to otherwise.
The first option is the EZ-ACCESS Transitions Modular Entry Mat, which is a durable, rubber mat that can be placed right outside a front door for access into any home. It is designed for doorways and raised landings and makes your entry into a home quick and easy. This product simply sits right against the door-sill.
A product similar to the Transitions Modular Entry Mat is the Transitions Angled Entry Mat. This mat is unique because it is slip-resistant making it safe for any weather. The Angled Entry Mat model is practical for sliding glass doors, so you can easily enjoy that back patio or deck.
This next option is more advanced and is made out of aluminum and has a slip-resistant surface. The Transitions Modular Entry Ramp is ideal for entry ways. The great part of this product is that it can be a stand-alone ramp or combined with another. An added bonus is that this portable threshold transition is light weight.
The last featured Transitions Angled Entry Ramp is unique because it has legs and is able to be a stand-alone product. The adjustable legs with swivel feet are for accommodating different heights. This high-strength aluminum will not rust giving you years of use.
EZ-ACCESS has a variety of portable wheelchair transitions to accommodate all of your wheelchair access needs. We pride ourselves on our positive customer reviews and warranties.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp: Which Model is Right for Me?

portable wheelchair ramp
You know you need a portable wheelchair ramp for your vehicle from EZ-ACCESS and the next step is deciding which specific ramp you should choose for your needs. EZ-ACCESS offers a wide array of portable wheelchair ramps for different purposes and we are writing today about which model will best suit you.
Our portable wheelchair ramps are durable and affordable for you. They provide access to vehicles you may not have access to otherwise. These ramps also open opportunities for traveling as well.
The Suitcase Singlefold Ramp is ideal for travel and car rides because it folds conveniently and features an ergonomically designed handle for carrying. The ramp features a live hinge for safe, quiet, and maintenance free operation. This is a great option for quick in and out access to your vehicle.
There is another Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp we offer to our customers for added ease. This model can be used as one unit or separated depending on your needs. It over comes stairs and vehicles with ease and safety. This is your best option if you are looking for something that can be separated.
The last option we have as a portable wheelchair ramp is the Suitcase Trifold AS Ramp. This innovative design has a unique three fold system for portability and can be carried as one unit or separately. The bottom transition plate on this portable wheelchair ramp is self-adjusting so it can easily be transitioned to the ground.
EZ-ACCESS portable wheelchair ramps are the ideal option for you no matter what your specific needs are because we have many product options. All of our ramps are made in the USA and are up to safety standards. The ease of our portable ramps are unmatched in the industry and the products always have you in mind.

Loading Ramps: The Ideal Solution for Getting the Job Done

loading ramps
EZ-ACCESS not only provides access ramps for wheelchair accessibility, but we also specialize in loading ramps for the delivery industry. Traverse ramps are light enough to carry from job to job and durable enough to provide you with the support needed to get the job done.
Loading ramps come in a variety of options and features and we would like to highlight the benefits of choosing the Traverse loading ramp.
The construction of Traverse ramps is made with innovation in mind and includes features that make your job easier. The aluminum frame structure is welded together with the durability to last for years on the job.
Safety is always a factor in EZ-ACCESS products because they are made to last and work with ease for your business. These loading ramps are equipped with a slip-resistant surface for added safety. There is no need to worry about your products or delivery workers falling on the ramps because they are made with maximum safety features.
The Traverse Aluminum Loading Ramp is up to standards with OSHA regulations and is made with the goal of saving you money on safety expenses.
The convenience of the Traverse Loading Ramp is second to none. The loading ramp comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The sizes range from anywhere from four feet to 14 feet in length. Another important convenience factor is that once you order this ramp, it ships within 24 hours, so you can put it right to work. No assembly is required for our product, what more can you ask for?
We also offer a loading ramp wheel kit to make portability even easier for delivery workers. The wheel kit takes the strain off of the worker transporting the ramp during the work day. This kit also makes efficient use of time while out making deliveries.
EZ-ACCESS is in business to make your delivery services cost efficient and works towards bettering the services you provide through our loading ramps.

Adventures in Handcycling for National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month?  To bring awareness to National Bike Month, EZ-ACCESS is highlighting the sport of handcycling.  Starting in the 1980s, handcycling has quickly become a popular cycling alternative for individuals with limited or no use of their legs, poor balance or individuals just looking for a different way to explore their surroundings.  If you have not yet tried your HAND at handcycling, check out the different options below and head out to your nearest adaptive sports provider to take part in National Bike Month the handcycle way!

Types of Handcycles

There are several types of handcycles to choose from that are designed to meet different needs such as racing or recreational.
Upright Handcycle – The upright handcycle is designed for recreational use with shorter distances, featuring a higher center of gravity.
Recumbent Handcycle – The recumbent handcycle is lower to the ground with two seating options: a reclining seat or “trunk power” where the rider leans forward.
Trunk-power Handcycle – The trunk-power handcycle is designed where riders can put their weight behind each stroke and travel at higher speeds.

Steering Handcycles

In the recumbent handcycle, riders have two different steering options: fork-steering and lean-to-steer.  These options allow users to lean on their abilities to control the handcycle.
Fork-steer Handcycle – Fork-steering is the most popular form of handcycle steering and is the easiest to learn.  With fork-steering, riders can turn the fork independently and are best for riders with either low-level or high-level disabilities.
Lean-to-steer Handcycle – Lean-to-steer is a little bit more complicated and takes a while to master.  With lean-to-steer, riders must lean their body like in monoskiing.
In honor of National Bike Month, we hope this has sparked your interested to check out handcycling.  If you are an avid handcycler, we would love to hear from you.  Leave your comments on our Facebook page, tweet us or comment on our Google + page!

5 Great Options for Funding Home Accessibility Modifications

funding home accessibility
Are you struggling with the fact that you now need home accessibility modifications, but can’t decide how to pay for them?  At EZ-ACCESS, we have developed a database of funding resources to help our customers determine funding.  Here are a few great options for funding home accessibility modifications and products:
Banks Funding Home Accessibility
If you are an eligible customer, you may want to contact your local banks to arrange for a second mortgage, home equity loan or reverse mortgage.  A reverse mortgage is only available to homeowners age 62 or older and allows the homeowner to convert part of their equity in their home into cash.
Insurance Funding Home Accessibility
When it comes to Medicare, certain patients are able to receive coverage for accessible showers and lifts, but mobility ramps are typically not covered by Medicare.  Some private insurance plans cover home accessibility products and modifications, but the best way to determine coverage is to ask for assistance from your hospital’s social service department.  We also recommend looking into your work benefits to see if you can use your HSA or cafeteria plan to cover home accessibility expenses.
Local Programs Funding Home Accessibility
We also encourage our customers to investigate what programs are available through their local government, local churches and community organizations.  Some communities offer special housing programs or volunteer projects for low income families or elderly individuals that could include ramp installation or modifications to their kitchen or bathroom.
Tax Deductible Home Accessibility
For certain home modifications, homeowners can take advantage of tax deductions.  These deductions are considered capital expenses and include “special equipment installed in a home, or for improvements, if their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse, or your dependent.”  Check out page 6 of the Medical and Dental Expenses publication for a list of tax-deductible accessible home modifications.
Private Organization Funding Home Accessibility
Another area to look for funding your home accessibility modifications and products is private organizations.  Depending on your unique situation, we recommend contacting one of the following organizations: National Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Cancer Society, National Multiple Sclerosis Society or the National United Cerebral Palsy Association.
These are just a few of the resources available out there for funding home accessibility modifications or products.  What are some of the great programs you have seen work for accessibility funding?