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5 Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Accessories You Can’t Live Without

wheelchair accessories
Spring has sprung at EZ-ACCESS and around the nation!  For several months, we’ve been locked inside like caged animals waiting for the weather to improve enough for us to comfortably enjoy the outdoors again.  The time is now to prepare your mobility scooter or power wheelchair for outdoor use, and we recommend preparing by equipping your equipment with these handy wheelchair accessories:
Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Pack
The EZ-ACCESS Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Pack provides ample space for personal items that will securely travel with you wherever you go!  This pack attaches easily to the headrest and also features a handle to transform this pack into a tote.
Mobility Scooter Arm Tote
Another option available for your personal items is the Mobility Scooter Arm Tote.  This tote is attached to the armrest and keeps your personal items safely stowed away in a zipper-closed nylon bag.
Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Cover
To keep your mobility scooter or power wheelchair clean and looking like new, EZ-ACCESS offers the Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Cover.  This cover is water resistant and protects your mobility device from the outdoor elements.
Mobility Scooter Basket Liner
Have you ever placed small items in your mobility scooter basket only to lose the items because they fell through the small holes in the basket?  Never lose items this way again by getting a Mobility Scooter Basket Liner.  This liner has a zippered pocket for extra safety and an expandable pouch for beverages.
Mobility Scooter Single Oxygen
The Mobility Scooter Single Oxygen allows you to safely carry your “D” or “E” medical oxygen cylinder while using your mobility scooter.  This portable oxygen carrier includes a carrying handle for easy transport and a reinforced bottom for maximum durability.
EZ-ACCESS also offers similar accessories for manual wheelchairs and mobility walking aids.  Make spring outings easier by safely transporting your personal items with you using one of these great products!

How-to Spring Clean Your Aluminum Mobility Ramp the RIGHT Way

spring cleaning aluminum mobility ramp
As the temperatures start to warm up across the country and snow melts away, we’re seeing what winter has done to our aluminum mobility ramps.  As with all other spring cleaning chores, the time has come to thoroughly clean your aluminum mobility ramp and get it ready for heavy springtime traffic.
Here are some important steps in cleaning your aluminum mobility ramp:

  1. Use a broom to brush off any loose debris that may be left on your aluminum mobility ramp.
  2. Use the garden hose to rinse off the entire aluminum mobility ramp and prepare for cleaning. If you come across any areas with mud or clay, soak these areas and let set to allow the mud to loosen.
  3. Take a damp towel and dab at any stains left on the ramp from dirty snow or your Calcium Chloride salt substitute you used to prevent ice accumulation during the winter.  If you did use Calcium Chloride salt substitute on your ramp, use an all-purpose cleaner to remove any Calcium Chloride residue.  *To keep the aluminum mobility ramp looking new, avoid using harsh cleaners on the aluminum surface.
  4. Wipe these damp areas with your towel and continue until your entire aluminum mobility ramp is clean.
  5. Then take a dry towel and wipe up the entire aluminum mobility ramp until the ramp is dry.

After you’ve cleaned your entire aluminum mobility ramp, it is always a good idea to check and tighten any lose fasteners to ensure the safety of your ramp.
We hope this has helped you properly clean your aluminum mobility ramp and get it ready for spring outings.  Learn more about proper care of your aluminum mobility ramp by reading the manual or by contacting EZ-ACCESS!

Top Lessons-Learned About Wheelchair Travel in Ireland

wheelchair travel in ireland
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In honor of the Irish holiday, the team at EZ-ACCESS researched the best ways for wheelchair travel in The Emerald Isle (Ireland).  This is what we found:
Flying with Wheelchair to Ireland
Flying to Ireland is the easy part.  As with any flight, you’ll need to check your wheelchair with your luggage.  You will then be taken by manual wheelchair to your gate and may use a special wheelchair when on your flight.  For more specifics, we recommend that you contact the airline that you are flying with to check on all requirements.  By law, all airlines flying within Europe are required to help those with reduced mobility to and from their flight for no extra charge.
Wheelchair Accessible Rooms
Whether you are staying in a hotel, castle, manor house or vacation rental, there are many choices with wheelchair accessible rooms and wheelchair accessible shower cabins.  A full list of wheelchair accessible hotels, castles, manor houses and vacation rentals is available at Discovering Ireland Vacations. Again, it is always recommended that you contact your destination first to find out about their wheelchair accessible rooms and access to other parts of the grounds.
Wheelchair Accessible Transportation
You’ll have many options when traveling around Ireland. The Dublin bus system allows for one wheelchair space, Dublin’s rail system provides generous space for wheelchairs; however, not all stations are wheelchair accessible.  When traveling by rail, we recommend booking a wheelchair space in advance to guarantee your travel.  For car rental, contact Motability Ireland which offers many features to accommodate those with reduced mobility.
Wheelchair Accessible Sightseeing
When planning your sightseeing schedule, be sure to check out these wheelchair accessible tourist attractions listed at Accessible  These sights are a must-see and should offer little to no frustrations for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.
Have you traveled to Ireland?  What was your experience with accessible locations?  We’d love to hear from you so please comment on the EZ-ACCESS Facebook page with your thoughts on accessible travel!

Don’t Gamble on Accessibility – EZ-ACCESS is a Sure Bet at Medtrade

EZ-ACCESS at Medtrade
At the EZ-ACCESS booth at Medtrade, everyone wins!  Are you headed to Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas next week for Medtrade?  We are too, and we’re bringing 5 iPads to give away, providing thousands of opportunities for discounts on EZ-ACCESS products and training hundreds of HME providers on the how to setup the EZ-ACCESS Passport Vertical Platform Lift.  Interested in one or all of these opportunities?  Read on for details!
5 iPad Prizes at EZ-ACCESS Booth
Since Las Vegas is all about increasing your odds, we are increasing your odds on winning an iPad.  We’re giving away an iPad after EACH of the 5 Passport Vertical Platform Lift Training sessions.  Use your new iPad to run your business, entertain customers waiting for service or use as a great gift for your friend or family member.
Roll the Dice Discount
If you’re a star at the Craps Table, come try your luck at the EZ-ACCESS Medtrade booth.   For those visiting the EZ-ACCESS booth, you’ll be given a chance to roll the dice to get a discount on select EZ-ACCESS products for your business.
Passport Vertical Platform Lift Training
Don’t miss your chance to become trained in setup and operation of the Passport Vertical Platform Lift.  The EZ-ACCESS Passport Vertical Platform Lift is the lightest vertical platform on the market today, features the Plug-N-Play Pre-wired component for easy installation and comes with endless safety options.   Contact EZ-ACCESS to get registered for training on this game-changing technology at Medtrade.
If you’re not making the trip to Las Vegas this year, you can still enjoy updates from EZ-ACCESS all week by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for how to roll the dice for your discount at home!  For those of you headed to Medtrade, be sure to stop by and say “hi” to our team!