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Choosing an EZ-ACCESS® Ramp over other Aluminum Ramps

aluminum ramps
If you or a loved one is considering installing an EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramp system, make sure you speak with us, the experts at EZ-ACCESS®.  Installing an aluminum ramp system can increase your independence and mobility in and around your home. Some people may choose to take a more inexpensive route by choosing to purchase used aluminum ramps.  Today, EZ-ACCESS® would like to help you highlight some reasons why a used aluminum ramp may not be the best solution for your home.
You can go on websites such as eBay and Craigslist for your area and research aluminum wheelchairs ramps for your home, but BUYER BEWARE, these ramps may not be fit and designed for your home or layout.  Also, you may not know how safe they are to use based on if the ramps were used correctly, how much weight was on them every day, if they were maintained and most importantly, or if all the hardware and parts come with it.
EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramps are constructed from the highest quality aluminum that doesn’t deteriorate, lose any structural supports or oxidize. These examples are more great reasons to choose an aluminum ramp system from EZ-ACCESS®.
Another concern to be aware of, if you’re still considering purchasing used equipment, is how much flex, or warping, has affected the structure of the aluminum ramp.  If the ramp has been misused, the structure may not be level, may not support you or your wheelchair and may not line up properly with your home.
Let us at EZ-ACCESS® properly evaluate your home to determine what type of aluminum ramp system would work the best for your needs, your home and most of all your wallet.  EZ-ACCESS® is here to help provide you with the best aluminum ramp system that your neighbors will be jealous of and to provide a safe aluminum ramp system that you can use every day.
Please contact us at EZ-ACCESS® today with any questions regarding our portable or threshold ramps or Pathway® Modular Ramp System.

Choosing the Best Layout for your Pathway® Modular Ramp System

Pathway® Modular Ramp System
With EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramp systems, you’re in control by choosing the best layout options for your needs.  We’re here to work with you to determine what the best layout for your Pathway® Modular Ramp System should be.  Today, EZ-ACCESS® will help you better understand what the perfect Pathway® Modular Ramp System could be for your home and most of all, your needs.
The first thing to consider when preparing to install a Pathway® Modular Ramp System is to determine the best access point.  Which door of your home do you want the ramp to come from and is that doorway wide enough to allow you “EZ” access in and out of your home? Make sure there is enough space inside your home so you don’t feel cramped as you’re trying to enter or exit your home.
Be aware of your neighbor’s property line, as you don’t want your ramp to overlap on their lawn, driveway or sidewalk. Try to avoid areas under trees that may drop leaves or other debris on the walking surface. Also, try to get southern exposure to aid in drying and melting snow and ice from the walking surface. Please understand this cannot be done with every home or ramp system.
EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramps and the Pathway® Modular Ramp System includes a built-in, non-skid surface that prevents sliding or losing traction when going up or down the ramp. Aluminum ramps can become slippery when wet, but this is why EZ-ACCESS® puts handrails on both sides of the ramp surface for added safety and assurance of your mobility.
With every well-built Pathway® Modular Ramp System that EZ-ACCESS® builds, we make sure to fit the ramp with handrails. The Pathway® Modular Ramp System is constructed to support the combined weight of the user, wheelchair or other mobility option and a helper, all at the same time.
For more information regarding the Pathway® Modular Ramp System, contact EZ-ACCESS® today!

Homecare News Updates from Home Modification Industry Experts

Home modification experts Dave Henderson of EZ-ACCESS and Jerry Keiderling of Accessible Home Improvement of America (AHIA) have teamed up to provide homecare news updates for professional publications in the home medical equipment industry.  With a combined total of over 50 years in the HME industry, Dave and Jerry have both dedicated their lives to improving home living conditions for individuals with limited mobility, and now offer their recommendations and latest home accessibility trends to readers on a monthly basis.
Dave Henderson is the Senior Sales Analyst and Program Manager for EZ-ACCESS, a division of Homecare Products, Inc.  Since 1994, Dave has been working in product development for home accessibility, and has been instrumental in the production of many of the most popular mobility ramps sold today.  At EZ-ACCESS, Dave and the rest of the EZ-ACCESS team provide the most safe and durable accessibility products on the market including the Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift, the Pathway® Modular Ramp System and the Titan Commercial Modular Access Ramp System.
Jerry Keiderling is president of Accessible Home Improvement of America (AHIA), a division of the VGM Group.  AHIA is a network of home modification providers serving individuals who wish to age in place or need additional accessibility in the home due to a disability.  All providers in AHIA are trained through the Certified Environmental ACCESS Consultant (CEAC) certification and offer the total package of accessible service for individuals seeking independent living.

Your Business and Snow Removal with the Titan Modular Access System

Titan Modular Ramp System
At EZ-ACCESS®, we care about moving you forward without having any obstacles ahead of you, especially while using a Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift, Pathway® Modular Ramp System or a Titan Modular Access System for your business.
Continuing with how to properly maintain and clean your EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramp during the winter months, we’d like to help our local businesses understand how they can provide “EZ” access for customers to get into their businesses safely.
Some great tips to use from our first blog that you could also use for your business would be to use cat litter instead of ice melt to reduce the amount of extra ice melt that gets into your store and reduce the amount of residue left on the Titan Modular Access System.  Also, invest in a hard bristled broom to push the snow off of your Titan Modular Access System instead of scratching or damaging it with a metal or metal-tipped plastic shovel.
Other things to consider that are easy fixes to fighting the winter storms and ice build up around your business would be:

  • Post temporary signs where it may be slippery to alert incoming customers to your business.
  • Post if your business will be open or open late due to weather conditions so you can clear the snow to get into your business.
  • Place cat litter or ice melt bins directly outside your business to use for the parking lot or for the Titan Modular Access System.
  • Provide additional mats for your customers to remove any snow or ice melt crystals before entering your business as well as making sure your floor inside is dry to reduce chances of a fall or injury.
  • Most importantly, for your own safety, wear slip resistant footwear, like cleats, to reduce personal injury, and your business being closed.

Hopefully these tips will help in the coming winter and snow months.  Please let EZ-ACCESS® know how we can help with all your questions regarding the Titan Modular Access System today!

Protecting You & Your EZ-ACCESS® Ramp Against the Snow

At EZ-ACCESS®, we understand that all of our clients that use our great line on aluminum mobility ramps deal with different climates and weather conditions.  Most of America has cooled down and are prepping for the holiday season.  Every winter, a majority of states deal with snow removal and walking, or rolling on sidewalks and mobility ramps. Today, EZ-ACCESS® would like to provide you with easy steps to keep your EZ-ACCESS® aluminum ramp system clear of snow and ice, so you can carefully enter and exit your home with no problems.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one-third of older adults who suffer a fall will suffer severe injuries, including fracture and head injuries, which can limit their independence and increase the risk of death. At EZ-ACCESS®, we hope you can use our great line of aluminum ramps with no hassle or injuries at all. See how you can best use your EZ-ACCESS® ramp during the colder, winter months:

  • Ice melt can be used to break up thick chunks of ice that may have melted from other areas around your home. The downside is that it can leave a white, chalky residue behind that is hard to wash away and it damages your lawn.  Purchase extra-coarse, non-clumping cat litter at your local hardware store. Cat litter acts as additional traction on slippery surfaces and doesn’t leave the chalky residue behind. When the snow melts in the spring, the pet litter can be swept or washed away. 
  • Using a broom on your EZ-ACCESS® ramp would help reduce scratching or damaging it with a metal or plastic shovel.  A hard bristle broom and a sunny winter day can help the snow on your EZ-ACCESS® ramp slide right off without damaging the floor of your ramp. 

Please let us at EZ-ACCESS® know how we can better serve you during the winter season with any of your questions or concerns. Happy Holidays!