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Ramp Up the Appeal of Your Home with Threshold Ramps

threshold ramp EZ-ACCESS
Falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults. There are a number of obstacles inside and outside a home that can cause a loved one to trip over and fall off their walker, scooter or wheelchair.  EZ-ACCESS® carries a variety of portable ramps that may be an essential option for your independence and getting around on your own.  Let’s find out how you can ramp up the access to your home by using portable ramps systems from EZ-ACCESS®!
EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps come in various lengths and are wide enough for scooters while leaving enough step width for guests to walk up. Portable folding ramps can help you get over doorway thresholds up several steps to your front or back porch.  EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps can range from single-fold or multiple-fold ramps that you can take with you and use to get into your vehicle, home or business, or wherever else you’re traveling.  These types of ramps are usually a temporary or short-term solution.
EZ-ACCESS® Transition ramps help get people through doors by effortlessly and safely allowing you to roll over the cracks and bumps in the doorways of your home or business.  These threshold ramps can be easily installed and removed if they are no longer needed or to be used in other locations. Most EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps are made from aluminum which makes them lightweight, but strong enough to withstand any mobility option and user.  EZ-ACCESS also has threshold ramps made of rubber that provide a quieter and softer ride and look like a welcome mat.
EZ-ACCESS® has a portable ramp to fit everyone’s needs. Feel free to contact EZ-ACCESS® where we can help pair your mobility needs to the right portable ramp for your home, business or vehicle.  Hopefully, we have helped with your decision on which portable ramp to get for your needs!

Fall Weather and Accessing your EZ-ACCESS® Ramp or Lift

modular ramps autumn leavesFrom coast to coast, everyone is starting to experience the feel for fall, cooler temperatures and most of all, weather and climate changes. Today, EZ-ACCESS® would like to help you prepare for the cooler temperatures and changing weather elements that may have an impact on your PATHWAY® modular ramp, portable ramps or Passport™ vertical platform lift.
Even the smallest thing could cause you to becoming injured on your ramp or lift. Regardless which ramp system or lift you use, keeping it clear of debris is very important.  Having the surface area clear of debris will allow you to transfer from level to level without hesitation or without getting your wheelchair, scooter or walker stuck.
It’s very important to be cautious while entering or exiting your home while it’s raining or snowing. Debris such as wet leaves can make it a challenge to get to and from your home. A wet, ice or snow covered ramp surface can creates a slick surface which you may not be used to and can cause your wheelchair or scooter tires to lose traction.  If you use a walker or rollator, grab on to the hand rails if you feel you’re losing traction or falling.
Treat maintenance on your ramp or lift like any other part of your home. If you’ve recently installed a vertical platform lift or modular ramp system, some of the components such as footings, leveling adjusters and some screws may come loose over timed due to use. Components may come loose after a storm or being exposed to ongoing weather elements.   It’s always smart to make sure your modular ramp or vertical platform lift is still attached properly for the best use.
If you have any questions regarding proper cleaning or clearing of your ramps or vertical platform lift area, please feel free to contact us at EZ-ACCESS®.  See us for our outstanding selection of wheelchair and mobility accessories!

The Right Ramp for the Right Application

While passing through SeaTac International Airport, I was reminded of the need to have the right accessibility product for the right application. I met a couple that each had different accessibility issues and it was clear that neither had the right equipment fo best assist them. They had made their own adjustments to offset the inefficiencies of the equipment that they had, but it was still a tremendous challenge.
Each of the ramps that EZ-ACCESS offers is designed for a purpose. From the Suitcase ramp line designed for portability and travel, to the Pathway line designed for semi-permanent modular home access, each line is for a specific purpose. Finding the right ramp to fit the application is as important as having the right prescription for an illness. Imagine if your doctor prescribed IBS medication for your hypertension! It would definitely be upsetting! The same is true in choosing the right ramp! The wrong ramp can be a definitely burden, rather then being the solution to a specific need. Check out to learn more about choosing the right ramp. Then let us know how it worked for you!
Remember a ramp is not just a ramp; with EZ-ACCESS A ramp is your gateway to freedom.

The Difference between Modular Ramps for your Home

Pathway Modular Access System or Wooden Ramp
At EZ-ACCESS®, we understand the importance of aging in place in the comfort of your own home.  Our job is to help you make your home more accessible for your needs and mobility options while making it safer and more convenient for you.  If you’re looking to install a modular ramp, EZ-ACCESS® would like to help.
There are several things to keep in mind while you are thinking about installing a PATHWAY® Modular Access System to your home’s exterior. First, take a look where you want to install the modular ramp.  Ask yourself where the best placement would be to have the PATHWAY® Modular Ramp such as at your front or back door, as close to the driveway as possible, in a garage or near a sidewalk.
Some common tips for an improved entryway for your home, along with your PATHWAY® Modular Access System, would be to make sure that there is a low or flat threshold in the doorway, handrails and well-lit walking paths. Modular ramps help older adults and people with wheelchairs, scooters and walkers to access their home easier and safer by incorporating non-skid surfaces and hand rails.
What’s better, an aluminum PATHWAY® Modular Access System or a wooden modular ramp?  See the comparison below:

  1. The aluminum PATHWAY® Modular Access System is maintenance free which means it will not rust and requires little upkeep. PATHWAY® Modular Access Ramps can be added onto, expanded, reconfigured or moved easily and can be assembled with minimal tools.
  1. Modular wood ramps require regular maintenance and upkeep. They’re subject to rot and decay over time, require a building permit to add on to your home, and can actually lower the resale value of your home.

EZ-ACCESS® PATHWAY® Modular Ramps are a great option to provide a gentle incline for entering or exiting your home and provides safety and independence for any mobility user. Take a look at the other mobility options that EZ-ACCESS® has to offer today!

Mobility Ramp or Vertical Platform Lift: Rising to the Top

passport vertical platform lift

Navigating in and out of your home can be difficult and dangerous when you or a family member uses a wheelchair.  There is an easy answer; installing and using an EZ-ACCESS® Pathway® Modular Ramp or Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift for your wheelchair, scooter or walker!  How can EZ-ACCESS help you move forward and have greater mobility independence?
The unique design of our modular ramps makes it easy to install and can be easily moved or reconfigured. If the thought of doing your own installation overwhelms you, reliable contractors are available to perform the installation. Our residential ramp systems come in various lengths and sizes and fit over the existing stairs of your home. EZ-ACCESS aluminum ramps come with top and bottom transition plates and, combined with the gentle slope of the ramp, allow an easier and smoother transition on and off of the ramp.
An alternative to a residential ramp is a platform lift from EZ-ACCESS. Modular ramps take up more room and some people prefer using our vertical platform porch lift. This is a great option to help get in and out of your home and requires very little space.
Our Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift comes with some very amazing features.  Our Plug-N-Play wiring technology makes it easy and fast to assemble. The tower and EZ Add-On Accessories are prewired for quick connection to get you safely on your way.  The Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift is made of aluminum making it lightweight and sturdy to allow for easy setup, transport and installation.
Our Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift requires less overall space, less maintenance, less travel distance and less strain for the user and anyone assisting them.  Our residential porch lift runs on DC power with an on-board smart charger, requiring AC power only to recharge the battery. Our vertical lift will continue to work in a power outage with up to 30 complete, fully loaded cycles.
EZ-ACCESS hopes that learning more about our Pathway residential ramps and Passport™ Vertical Platform Lift, will help you roll into your home a little smoother and safer.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!