4 Vital Reasons You Might Need a Power Door

power door

If you live with assisted mobility equipment, you’re a pro at making adjustments. Tweaking and fine-tuning processes to help you lead life as usual becomes second nature, and your ability to solve problems creatively to navigate daily problems is unparalleled. You’ve learned what tools are necessary in helping you get around – grab bars, motorized scooters, walkers, etc. – and what tools err on the side of “luxury”.

Which category does “automatic door opener” fall under for you? Many may brush it off as a luxury – convenient, but not essential to daily life. However, if may be an essential tool if you’re faced with these four problems:

  • Remodeling exceeds cost: A door installed at the end of a narrow hallway or at the intersection of two walls may create tricky situation for assistive equipment users. Without room to squeeze to the side or back up to let the door swing open, a remodel to reinstall the doorway to a more convenient location may be necessary. However, a remodel may also be costly. If the price tag for remodeling blows past the cost of an automatic door opener, opt for the latter.
  • Run the risk of falling: It takes some maneuvering to make room for both a door and assisted mobility equipment. Shuffling around for someone already unsteady on their feet may create a serious tripping hazard, and the concern is amplified for doors located next to the top of stairs. Rather than tempting fate, a power door opener may be necessary to maintain safety and independence in your home.
  • Want to exert same effort as others: With assisted mobility equipment, you’ve gotten good at life hacks to make daily tasks a little easier. But even after jerry-rigging a rope to the door handle or perfecting the art of the grab-and-glide to get out of the way before the door hits you, it may be too timely or cumbersome to make adjustments just to live life as usual. If you need a boost maintaining normalcy, a power door opener may be the answer.
  • Can’t open it any other way: Maybe the reach between your chair and your door is too great. Maybe the door is too heavy to open from a seated position. Maybe the handle makes it difficult to grip and pull while shuffling your equipment out of the way. There are a number of reasons why opening a door with assisted mobility equipment may be too cumbersome to do on your own – and that’s okay. We can help with that.

Do any of these apply to you?

If you answered “yes,” the CONCIERGE™ 2300 Residential Power Door Opener from EZ-ACCESS may be right for you. Cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to operate, it’s the best answer to home mobility care. For help deciding if an automatic door opener is the best fit for you, gives us a call at 800-451-1903.

Winter is coming. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Is your ramp ready?


Since 1818, Farmer’s Almanac has provided long-range weather predictions with surprising accuracy, thanks to a secret formula by founder Robert. B. Thomas. Evolving science and technology have helped the trusted weather forecaster increase in accurate readings and fan following. This year, Almanac warns that Mother Nature is preparing to unleash her frozen fury across most of the United States, slamming regions and sparring few. Below, a breakdown of which regions should prepare their EZ-ACCESS aluminum ramps for winter action:

Rockies and Pacific Northwest: Some people have all the luck. Milder than normal temperatures are expected for the Western United States, with moderately wet to dry conditions expected. Start booking your Spring Break getaway to these temperate climates now.

Central United States: After years of braving piercing winds and arctic temperatures, Central-Midwest states finally get a reprieve from odd weather. Western and central Great Lakes, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and most of the Great Plains can expect near-normal weather temperatures and typical snowfall, breathing a sigh of relief as surrounding states feel the frozen burn. (But don’t relax too deeply: “typical Midwest winter” still means snow, subzero temps, and chilly winds. Just maybe not so wild.)

Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio Region: Deemed “snow filled & frigid,” be especially kind to the residents of these states. If you enjoy snow, this is the perfect place to be, as it’s predicted to receive quite the blanket of it this winter.

Texas and South Central Region: Now’s a good time to invest in waterproof clothing, as this winter will be a wet one. An increase in rain will meet with the occasional shot of bitter cold temps, showering the Southern states in a handful of sleet storms and slush.

Florida, Tennessee, and the Southeastern U.S.: Pull your scarves a little tighter and your jackets a little closer, as residents here are in for an unseasonably chilly season. Though relatively dry, temperatures will dip unexpectedly, mixing with the occasional blast of cold to create a White Christmas in some shape or form.

…and then there’s the east: Poor, poor New England. Last year, the region experienced the number one snowiest season in regional history, with Boston receiving 110 inches alone. 23 eastern states experienced top-ten coldest Februaries they’d ever scene, breaking freezing records left and right. Though snow is predicted to subside a bit this winter, residents are being prepped for a “super cold,” seeing further record-shattering subzero temperatures.

If you’re scheduled to receive an arctic visit this winter, stock up on cat litter now to provide no-residue traction on your aluminum ramp, which can be swept rather than shoveled away to prevent scratching or damages. Rain, snow, or shine, EZ-ACCESS is here to help you stay mobile in the midst of life’s storms. Give us a call to get moving today!

Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter Lift

mobility scooter lift

EZ-ACCESS is excited to introduce new power lift options for your scooter and wheelchair. These additions to homes and vehicles can help boost your mobility, making transport easier for you and your loved ones. Deciding whether or not a power lift will benefit you is the first step. After that, questions about finding the perfect lift to accommodate your needs and lifestyle will crop up. We’ve answered three of the top questions you may face as you search for the right power lift:

  1. What type of chair can it accommodate? Your three-wheeled scooter may get away with a lightweight lift, whereas a four-wheeled, ultra heavy-duty power chair may require more support. Compare the product specifications of the lift you’re eying with information about your mobility device, considering total lifting weight capacity, tray size where it sits, and height-and-width dimensions to ensure it can fit snugly and securely.
  2. Can I still access the trunk of my car? Attached to the hitch at the back of your vehicle, lifts can securely transport any size of power chair with relative ease. The ability to easily access the rear space of your vehicle from the outside may be hindered by a lift designed to remain stationary while squarely attached to your hitch. However, some lifts come with swingaway options, which can glide aside and allow you to access your tailgate, hatch, or trunk smoothly. The HAULWAY™ Heavy Duty Scooter and Power Chair Lift features swingaway capability to accommodate your needs as well as a wide range of mobility devices.
  3. Will insurance cover my choice? It depends. Your carrier will determine whether or not a power lift and other power chair accessories qualify under your current coverage option. Before you settle on the perfect lift, consult with your insurance agent, who’ll determine the parameters of your search based on price and style of power lift covered.

Your mobility scooter may give you freedom to roam, but a power lift can help take you even further. Connect with an EZ-ACCESS expert at 800-451-1903 to gain assistance and information that’ll help you land the power lift you need.

4 VITAL Tips for Caregivers on How to Care for Yourself

caregiver tips

When you become a caregiver, life as you knew it is forever changed. Not only do you reorient your life around someone else’s, but you learn to juggle new equipment, techniques, and challenges that come with their new lifestyle. In the shuffle, it’s easy to push your needs aside to attend to the needs of another, but doing so can create serious burnout. EZ-ACCESS wants you to recognize Emotional Wellness Month by putting yourself first in these four areas:

  • Practice honesty: Guilt, resentment, loneliness, anger… you’ll experience them all as a caregiver, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is burying them under a brave face that you wear like a mask in front of others and to yourself. Be open about the struggles that come with full-time care, and take heart that your friends and support system want to walk with you through the highs and the lows.
  • Increase your Zzzs: You help your loved one during every waking moment, so treasure the peace and private time that comes with sleep. Calm your mind with deep breathing or yoga-inspired stretches before bedtime, or spend time journaling out your emotions after a rough day, leaving you clear-headed and ready for bed and rest.
  • Work it Out: The endorphin blast you receive from a workout keeps your body strong and spirits high. Finding a 30-minute block of time may be challenging, so try exercising in three 10-minute chunks throughout the day instead. Bonus points if you exercise with a buddy, who can provide extra motivation and TLC.
  • Treat yourself: Take a break. Not only do you deserve it, you need it. Find an activity that brings you joy, and intentionally make time to practice it. Reading, browsing the Internet, blasting music, and watching funny videos feel like a luxury when your world revolves around someone else, so let yourself enjoy the moments that are all about you. Pamper yourself with the occasional massage or manicure to rely unwind and remind yourself that you’re a strong and valued individual.

It’s taxing work, but your role as a caregiver is so important. EZ-ACCESS can make life a little easier for you and your loved one with accessories and appliances that give you mobility and freedom. Reach out at (800)451-1903 to find out how we can give you a hand.

The Home Danger Zone’s for Individuals with Limited Mobility

limited mobility bathroom kitchen

Outside your house, the world poses unique obstacles when living with limited mobility. However, without proper adjustments, danger could be lurking in your own home, too. In honor of National Kitchen and Bath Month, EZ-ACCESS has identified red-alert areas and modifications to make your home a safe haven.

Kitchen Dangers:

  • Stovetops: Knobs stationed at the back of stovetops force wheelchair-bound chefs to reach across hot burners to operate. Reduce the risk by choosing stovetops with knobs and push-buttons on the front panel. Additionally, consider installing a mirror above the stove to check on food as it cooks rather than removing pans and risking hot spills.
  • Counters: Ceramic or marble countertops become slick with juice when chopping fruits and veggies, making an accidental slip of a knife likely. Gain stability with nonslip or rubberized cutting mats or boards for an added grip while you prep.
  • Shelving: A container stashed too high on the shelf or too far back in the cupboard requires a reach, which can upset your balance and send you tumbling. Shelves that slide out or revolving Lazy Susan cupboards bring the item right to you, no awkward stretching required.

Bathroom Dangers:

  • Sinks: To accommodate wheelchairs, some sinks expose plumbing pipes. Hot water flowing through the system can heat pipes to a point that causes serious burns. Cover with insulation or box them in to prevent a surprise scalding.
  • Tubs: Transferring from chair to tub requires coordination, putting your limited balance to the test. The possibility of slips, bumps, and missteps are endless without the proper assistance gear. A simple grab bar installed to a wall or the interior of a shower can make all the difference, as can swivel-style shower seats, roll-in showers, and benches that extend past the bathtub.
  • Toilets: Much like chair-to-tub action, maneuvering from one seat to another poses risk when accessing the toilet. A seat riser for your toilet evens the playing field and makes the move easier, and safety rails provide a sturdy place for leaning and regaining balance.
  • Flooring: Ceramic and tile floors paired with splashing water from sinks and tubs create the perfect storm for an impending slip. Placing non-slip bath matts in front of the sink, tub, and bathroom door still provide easy access for walkers and wheelchairs while reducing the risk of taking a tumble.

Your home should be a place of rest, not risk. EZ-ACCESS encourages you to maintain your independence with smart solutions to daily challenges. Give us a call at 800-451-1903 to find out more solutions for accessibility in your home such as ramps, power chair lifts, platform lifts and accessible bathing products!

6 Savory Foods Spiking Diabetes Complications

worst diabetic foods

According to a 2014 study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 29.1 million Americans currently suffer from diabetes.  However, even though a large portion of our population is affected by this health condition, there is still a misunderstanding of diet choices that affect diabetes.  In an effort to educate our loved ones, EZ-ACCESS is identifying these top foods to avoid for those with diabetes.

Review this list of the worst foods for diabetes and share with loved ones who need a reminder!

  1. Pretzels – While you may think pretzels reside on the healthy side, the basic ingredients tell a different tale. Made up of white flour, yeast, salt and vegetable oil, this snack offers no nutritional value and actually destroy your blood sugar numbers.  Better choice – rice cakes.
  2. Bacon – This fatty cut of meat is loaded with saturated fat which spurs inflammation throughout the body and puts you at even greater risk for heart disease. Better choice – lean meats.
  3. Whole Milk – A better name would be Whole Fat. Whole milk is high in saturated fat greatly affects insulin resistance.  Better choice – skim or even 1% milk.
  4. White Bread – Refined starches like the ones packed in to white bread, interfere with your glucose control. Better choice – whole wheat bread.
  5. French Fries – Before you order up a plate of trans fat heaven (french fries), keep in mind that this starchy, fatty side dish will cause your glucose levels to sky rocket and increase your bad cholesterol, in turn increasing your risk of heart disease. Better choice – almost any other side dish.
  6. Raisins – Raisins, or any dried fruit, are sure to make your blood sugar spike. This is caused by natural sugars becoming highly concentrated in the dehydration process.  Better choice – fresh fruit.

Rounding out this list of the worst foods for diabetes is candy, fruit juice, pancakes and syrup, and pastries.  If you suffer from diabetes or are working to prevent it, we recommend steering clear of these 6 foods for sure as well as other unhealthy choices described by your doctor.

While EZ-ACCESS does not offer treatment options for diabetes, we do offer solutions in home accessibility and mobility accessories. If you would like to discuss better accessibility solutions for your home, contact EZ-ACCESS at 800-451-1903 today!

Metal over Wood: Mold Awareness and Removal Tips

mold awareness

We often think of mold as the minor nuisance that causes us to throw out a loaf of bread before we’ve eaten it all. However, mold is more than a minor nuisance. In fact, mold can cause a lot of serious health problems if it’s present in your home. Because September is Mold Awareness Month, EZ-ACCESS wants you to know about the dangers of mold, and what you can do to protect your home.

Where Mold Lives

Mold can live pretty much anywhere in your home, but is most common in places where there is plenty of moisture. That means mold can be found in places that leak, be it windows, roofs or pipes. Mold can also form on cardboard, tiles and on wood products, like wood ramps, for example. If you live with limited mobility and use an outdoor wood ramp, the ramp is at the mercy of the elements, and could be tracking mold into your home each time you use your wooden ramp.

Dealing with Mold

Inside your home, the first step in treating mold involves finding the source of the moisture and fixing it so the problem won’t return. After that, remove the affected area. Make sure to wear a facemask and goggles to prevent the mold from getting in your eyes. If the mold case isn’t severe, or can be scrubbed away, create a solution using half a cup of bleach, a quart of water and a little laundry detergent.

For individuals with limited mobility using wood ramps, the weather will continue to deteriorate the condition of your ramp, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. The simplest, and safest, solution is to get a new ramp. EZ-ACCESS offers a variety of metal ramps, many made with lightweight aluminum to allow for easy transport. Our ramps are designed to be used in all weather conditions, rain or shine, hot or cold.  Contact us to learn more about our ramp technology.

Using Home Furnishings to Improve Home Safety

home furnishings home safety

Home means a lot of things to a lot of people. For many of us, it is a place of safety and comfort. But, how do you make sure your home is still safe when you or a loved one is living with limited mobility? Fear not, because EZ-ACCESS is here to help. September is National Home Furnishings Month, and we’re here to provide you with ideas on how to not only keep your home stylish, but also add functionality and safety for individuals with limited mobility.

Door Threshold Ramps

For older homes, many doors may be difficult to access using a power chair, mobility scooter, manual wheelchair or other mobility aids. Door threshold ramps are an ideal solution that provide an easy transition between doors and other uneven surfaces throughout the home.

Portable Ramps

Individuals living with limited mobility are still as active as they can be, and that means traveling. Portable ramps from EZ-ACCESS are easy to carry and lightweight, but sturdy enough to withstand repeated use. While designed for travel, our portable ramps can also be set up at home to make entering and exiting your home easier.

Wheelchair Lift

A more permanent solution that can be installed in your home, wheelchair lifts make it easier to access porches and decks when there may not be room for another mobility solution like a ramp. EZ-ACCESS’ Passport Vertical Lift is designed for easy installation and can handle weights of up to 750 pounds to make sure your home is accessible, no matter how much space you have.

At EZ-ACCESS, it is our mission to provide accessibility solutions that make your home better and easier to navigate. To find out which ramp might be best for your home, please use our ramp selector tool. And, if you’re ready to make a purchase, you can use our dealer locator tool to find a vendor who sells EZ-ACCESS products near you.


Emergency Preparedness Tips for Your Home


Mother Nature can be really unkind at times. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, be it a summer tornado or a blizzard in winter, the weather is unpredictable and can turn severe. During these times, it’s important that you have an emergency preparedness plan. In observance of National Preparedness Month, EZ-ACCESS is here to offer you tips that will help you prepare for when the skies get dark, especially if you have limited mobility.

Have a Plan

As simple as it seems, it all starts with having a plan. Make sure you have a plan in place for what to do if the weather turns severe. This plan should include communication, a list of who in your home is responsible for certain tasks, how to handle food (especially for individuals with dietary restrictions) and accommodating those with limited mobility.

Keep a Kit

An emergency preparedness kit is filled with batteries, blankets, flashlights, non-perishable food items and other important items. Individuals with limited mobility should consider having their own, specialized emergency kit, which can include:

  • Extra batteries for mobility scooters or power chairs.
  • A patch kit to repair damaged tires on mobility devices.
  • A lightweight, manual wheelchair to replace a damaged power mobility device.
  • Portable ramps to get around levels of the home.

Wait for Help

Unless the situation absolutely calls for it, you shouldn’t leave your home during a weather emergency. Even after the weather lets up, there may be damage to roads, downed power lines or other hazards that need to be handled by emergency personnel.

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation is important and can save your life. Be proactive, because having a plan now is much better than improvising later. To get the ramps you need to make sure your home remains accessible during severe weather, user our dealer locator tool to find a place to get your EZ-ACCESS ramp near you.

EZ-ACCESS Acquires Worldwide Mobility & Adds Line of External Vehicle Lifts

ALGONA, WASH. – EZ-ACCESS®, one of the nation’s leaders in providing access to life beyond barriers, is introducing a new product that will expand its growing catalog of accessibility and mobility solutions.

With the acquisition of Arizona-based Worldwide Mobility, family-owned EZ-ACCESS will add a line of external power vehicle lifts to its diverse offerings. Worldwide Mobility, headquartered in Mesa, Ariz., has been a manufacturer of the American-made scooter and power wheelchair lifts for more than 25 years.

EZ-ACCESS, celebrating its 30th year in business this year, will move the manufacturing of the popular line of lifts to its Algona, Wash., headquarters. The company anticipates adding additional employees and production space to meet increased demand.

The acquisition is also expected to mark the beginning of an expansion of EZ-ACCESS product lines as part of the company’s mission to meet the needs of the entire accessibility market.

“Over the past 30 years, EZ-ACCESS has made every effort to offer our customers the highest quality and most complete line of residential, portable, threshold, and modular ramps,” said Don Everard, EZ-ACCESS CEO.

“With the introduction of the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift in 2014 and now the addition of external power vehicle lifts, we remain committed to offering our customers a complete line of products for all access solutions,” Everard said. “We are grateful for the years of loyalty dealers have shown us and believe that we can continue to build on our commitment as we expand our product offerings to help create opportunity for them.”

The external power vehicle lifts are designed to make the transportation of scooters and power chairs fast and efficient. The heavy-duty lifts feature simple installation and operation. They adjust to most vehicles and models of power chairs and scooters.

EZ-ACCESS, a division of Homecare Products Inc., also offers a complete line of American-made
products, which provide all-around solutions for mobility and accessibility. Its residential products include the PATHWAY® Modular Access System, the PASSPORT® Vertical Platform Lift, SUITCASE® Portable Folding Ramps, TRANSITIONS® Threshold Ramps, Mats and Plates, and GATEWAY™ Portable Wheelchair Ramps.

EZ-ACCESS was founded in 1984 by Glenda Everard and her daughter, Deanne Sandvold. Two years later, EZ-ACCESS introduced aluminum portable ramps to its product line. In 1988, son Don Everard joined the family business, bringing with him marketing expertise. The trio was the driving force behind the expansion of the ramp market, having pioneered the industry through the marketing and manufacturing of EZ-ACCESS portable wheelchair ramps. Today, EZ-ACCESS is one of the world’s leading producers of durable, high-quality mobility, accessibility and personal care accessories.