Adding Independence & Accessibility In Your Home

There are several modifications you can make to help add accessibility to your home.

There are several modifications you can make to help add accessibility to your home.


EZ-ACCESS offers a variety of products to help those with limited mobility to maneuver in, out and around the home. Adding a wheelchair ramp to the entrance of your home is one of the best ways you can make your home safer and easier for those in a wheelchair or scooter to enter and exit.

In observance of Senior Independence Month, we want to share some solutions to help ensure that the inside of your home is easily accessible for seniors and those with limited mobility. Some are inexpensive, do-it-yourself projects while others will require professional work. Evaluate your home to see where improvements can be made to make your home easier for everyone to move through. You may only need to make modifications in one room or the entire house!

Bathroom Accessibility Improvements

The bathroom can be a challenging room for those in a wheelchair to maneuver through. Bathrooms are typically small and often have many obstructions that make it difficult to get around. Something simple like raising the toilet seats will make it easier for someone to get in and out of their wheelchair if they need to reach the toilet. Bath tubs and showers can also be dangerous because of the wet surfaces and lack of stable places to use for support. Adding grab bars to the tub and shower will make it easier for someone using a wheelchair or scooter to make the transfer from their chair to the tub. You can also check out our accessibility accessories to find items that make bathing easier and safer.

Home Modifications for Accessibility

More changes can be made throughout the home to make it easier for those with limited mobility. These modifications, however, will require more work. The typical width of a wheelchair is 32” or 36”. Widening the doorways to accommodate this size opens up more of the home to those in a wheelchair. Kitchen countertops and cupboards can also be lowered to allow someone sitting to easily access or reach something.

If you are looking for more ideas on how you can improve the layout of your home to accommodate to those with limited mobility, contact EZ-ACCESS. If you have the ideas but are searching for the right products, you can find them in our online catalog.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Inspiration in a Wheelchair

Franklin D. Roosevelt saw America through some trying times while dealing with limited mobility.

Franklin D. Roosevelt saw America through some trying times while dealing with limited mobility.


Although he lived with numerous health issues, including being paralyzed from the waist down, Franklin D. Roosevelt is regarded as one of the greatest Presidents in United States history. EZ-ACCESS wants to share his story as inspiration for the millions of Americans with limited mobility.

Despite his medical issues, Roosevelt changed social policies in America and helped conceive the idea for world’s largest peace keeping organization – the United Nations. Roosevelt is most commonly remembered for the New Deal, a set of social programs created to aid the American public during the time of the Great Depression.

But in 1921, long before his presidency, Roosevelt contracted what was then believed to be polio. This paralyzed him from the waist down.  His wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, believed that Roosevelt’s polio was “a turning point” that “proved a blessing in disguise; for it gave him strength and courage he had not had before.” His polio diagnosis has been heavily debated. Many believe that he actually had Guillain Barre Syndrome, a disorder that occurs when the immune system attacks part of the nervous system.

Roosevelt did not want to accept paralysis and live his life in a wheelchair so he underwent treatment with many different therapies. He even taught himself to walk for short distances. Analysts believe he also may have had hypertension, anemia and melanoma.

Roosevelt hid many of his health ailments from the American public, believing that his issues would make him appear weak. He rarely allowed himself to be photographed in his wheelchair and went to great lengths to hide his health problems in order to keep the American people from worrying about their nation’s leader. The nation was shocked when Roosevelt died unexpectedly on April 12, 1945, less than six months after being elected to a fourth term in office.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a leader who overcame adversities and struggles to become someone who analysts and historians consider to be one of the most influential presidents in American history. He is an inspiration to all of us! The technology and capabilities of wheelchairs and wheelchair ramps have changed a lot since Roosevelt was in office. If you need assistance finding the right equipment to lead an active life, contact EZ-ACCESS. We have ramps that will keep you on the go!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Limited Mobility

Don't let limited mobility prevent you from having a romantic Valentine's Day.

Don’t let limited mobility prevent you from having a romantic Valentine’s Day.


It’s already February and that brings a month filled with love. You’ve probably already made your plans for Valentine’s day. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday and your loved one may have high expectations for a day filled with romance and fun. EZ-ACCESS is bringing you Valentine’s Day date ideas for those with limited mobility.

  1. Head to a local art gallery. What better place is there to spend the afternoon than at the art gallery? Art galleries have the tendency to flow from room to room with an open concept, so mobility is not usually an issue. Not only will you experience some famous or local art pieces, you won’t have to stress about having access to the different exhibits.
  2. Strike up some fun at the bowling alley. Although there are not many sports that those with limited mobility can participate in, bowling is a fun game for all. Bowling is a fun sport to play while spending time with a loved one. You could even take the whole family for a round on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Find the local pool hall. Billiards is a fun game that is better when sitting down. Limited mobility will not hold you back from shooting pool at the local bar or pool hall. You can even show your loved one a few tricks of the trade while playing.
  4. A night out to a new restaurant. Never tried that local sushi place or pasta house? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try a new restaurant to mix up the regular date night. Who knows, it may become your new favorite spot to grab a bite to eat. Don’t forget, you may need a reservation because Valentine’s Day is a popular night at nearly all restaurants.

EZ-ACCESS wishes you the happiest of Valentine’s Day, no matter how you’re celebrating. Our customer service representatives are ready to help you find the right mobility ramp for your needs.

Reducing the Impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis


EZ-ACCESS wants to help you with products that can make improve mobility for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

EZ-ACCESS wants to help you with products that can make improve mobility for people with rheumatoid arthritis.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, 22 percent of Americans report having a disability, and the most common disability was rheumatoid arthritis. RA is a debilitating form of arthritis that can cause limited mobility, frequent pain and decreased activity. Although it is ideal to seek treatment for rheumatoid arthritis early on, we know it may be difficult to recognize the symptoms right away.

EZ-ACCESS is here to show you how different types of ramps can help with limited mobility caused by RA. We strive to help everyone with limited mobility and those who suffer from debilitating diseases and conditions.

Suitcase Singlefold Ramp- This type of ramp is perfect for people who are on the go and need help climbing small sets of steps and getting into the house. It is portable and made of durable aluminum to last through any weather condition. You can leave it at the entrance of your home or bring it with you into town or on vacation.

Tip: Make sure you are with someone who is able to carry the ramp, so you don’t overwork your joints.

Pathway Modular Access System- If you are confined to a wheelchair because of rheumatoid arthritis, the Pathway Modular System is right for you. Instead of having to build a wood ramp outside of your home, this system from EZ-ACCESS is an easy setup for almost any home. It will give you easy access to the world outside of your home. You can feel even more independent with a ramp system permanently a part of your home.

Tip: Contact your local EZ-ACCESS dealer to see if they have installation included with your purchase.

Transitions Angled Entry Ramp- Never worry about tripping over the lip of the door with your walker again. RA can make it extremely difficult to lift your legs, and you surely don’t want to suffer a fall.

Tip: Always have someone assist you when walking out the door to avoid a fall.

EZ-ACCESS wants to help you have unlimited mobility, so you can experience life without boundaries. Contact us today, so we can help you find a dealer, or find one here.

Adding Storage to Your Mobility Device

Don't let your limited mobility stop you from carrying everything you need.

Don’t let your limited mobility stop you from carrying everything you need.


Now, more than ever, it feels like we are constantly on the go. Whether your young, old or someone who uses a mobility scooter, wheelchair or power chair, it feels like you have a million things to do and that you never have enough time to do them. EZ-ACCESS wants to help people with limited mobility while they’re on the go. One of the disadvantages of using a wheelchair or mobility scooter is you don’t have a lot of room to carry things. Check out these tips maximize space for your mobility device.

More than Just Armrests

At first glance, wheelchairs and mobility scooters don’t seem to offer much space to store anything other than you in the seat. But there are several ways to give yourself more carrying space with simple attachments. The armrest of your mobility scooter or wheelchair are a great place to add some storage. Adding a tote can give you storage for items like your cell phone and other handy items within an arm’s reach.

Storage in Unexpected Places

It takes some creativity to find places to add storage to your scooter or power chair to let you carry more while on the go. But while you’re sitting in your mobility device pondering where to add storage, you may not realize that your back is resting against another perfect add storage. There are packs designed to fit securely to the back of your device that make it easy to store larger items like blankets, food or magazines.

If you’re using wheelchair or power chair, you can also utilize the space underneath the chair with a carrier to hold some smaller items. The name of the game when looking to add storage to your mobility device is creativity and ingenuity.

EZ-ACCESS wants to help you get as much as possible out of the available space on your mobility device. Contact us to find out how we can help you gain some storage space.

Caring for Someone with a Spinal Injury

Caring for someone with a spinal injury takes dedication and patience.

Caring for someone with a spinal injury takes dedication and patience.


Millions of Americans deal with mobility issues every day. Some of these issues are caused by chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes or multiple sclerosis which make it painful to stand or walk for long periods of time. However, other individuals experience mobility issues as a result of injury, and it is becoming more common that these injuries are occurring in people’s spines.

Caring for those that suffer a traumatic injury like a spinal injury is a lot of work. EZ-ACCESS is here to provide a guide to those providing the care to make sure the recovery is successful.

Patience is Key

If you’re providing care to someone who is dealing with a serious spinal injury, it will be essential to remind your patient or loved one that the process is long and slow. The injured person is obviously going to be dealing with physical symptoms, including the loss of mobility, but it’s important to remember that they will also be dealing with psychological side effects. Losing the ability to walk and depending on someone else to help you with tasks that used to require no effort can be a difficult process to go through. Be patient with them and offer support.

Don’t Forget to Care for Yourself

It’s common for anyone who suddenly has to become a caregiver to devote all their time into caregiving. The problem with this is you become so focused on caring for your loved one that you forget that you also need to take care of yourself. Caring for someone with a spinal cord injury can bring stress. It’s important for you to recognize sources of stress and give yourself appropriate outlets to deal with the stress. There’s nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself to get a break, whether it’s through working out, reading a book, seeing a movie or some other form of relief.

EZ-ACCESS supports all caregivers who give so much to help their loved ones through difficult times. We can help make sure you don’t have to worry about getting your loved one in and out of your home with one of our residential ramps. Contact us or let us help you find a dealer in your area to supply you with an accessibility solution so you can focus on caregiving.

Planning for a Winter Emergency

It's important to be prepared for a winter emergency when the weather is cold and the snow is flying.

It’s important to be prepared for a winter emergency when the weather is cold and the snow is flying.


For many of us, it would be great if winter were over after we had finished unwrapping presents for the holidays and opening bottles of champagne to celebrate the New Year. Unfortunately for those of us that feel that way, we still have several months of cold, unpredictable weather ahead of us. EZ-ACCESS wants you to be prepared for the winter should the weather turn nasty, as this is especially important for individuals with limited mobility.

Keep a Supply of Non-Perishable Food

It’s always been true that Mother Nature is fickle and can be unpredictable. During the winter months, you could see a situation where your town is buried under snow that makes travel impossible and creates a winter emergency for several days (just ask Buffalo, New York). If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll be thankful to have items like canned soup, peanut butter and packaged pastas like macaroni & cheese. These are foods that have long shelf lives that will keep you fed until the weather improves. Most of them have the added benefit of being easy to prepare, which is a plus for those with limited mobility.

Have a Plan to Shovel Driveways and Ramps

If you have limited mobility, it’s going to be difficult to get out a shovel to make sure you can get in and out of your home. Finding a friend, family member or neighbor to help clear snow away is going to be essential to ensuring that access points are clear of snow and ice, which can be especially dangerous if they build up on your ramps or lifts that allow access to your home.

The first step in handling any emergency weather situation is being prepared and having a plan of action. EZ-ACCESS has the residential ramps that can make sure you can get in and out of your home, regardless of the weather. Contact us to find out how we can help set one up for you today.

Live Healthy With Limited Mobility

Living healthy with limited mobility isn't as hard as you might think.

Living healthy with limited mobility isn’t as hard as you might think.


Welcome to the New Year! We’ve said goodbye to 2014 and welcomed a new year with hope. Millions of people use this time to reflect on how they want to make themselves better in the New Year and set resolutions to try and reach those goals. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to live healthier.

EZ-ACCESS encourages everyone to live healthier, and wants to offer some tips for those who want to get healthy, but have limited mobility. It may take some different thinking, but there’s no reason that the New Year can’t mean a new you.

Exercising With Limited Mobility

Whether you’re in a mobility scooter, wheelchair, power chair or just have trouble moving around because of conditions like arthritis, there are exercises you can do to improve your fitness while seated. With a set of hand-held weights, you can do strength workouts to exercise your arms and chest. We also recommend things like water aerobics or swimming, which lets you improve your cardio fitness and has the added benefit of the water taking pressure off your joints.

Eating Right With Limited Mobility

The beginning of any successful weight-loss is having a balanced diet. This is especially true for those with limited mobility, as those individuals tend to have less energy due to inactivity. This means they have a lower metabolism and their bodies don’t burn calories as easily. Focus on adding protein to your diet through meat and beans, which can give you more energy. Fish meat can be especially beneficial, as it contains protein and Omega-3 fatty acid, which brings several health benefits, including helping lower your risk for heart disease.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution is, EZ-ACCESS wishes you the best of luck. If you’re hoping to improve your health, we can make it easy for you to get to where you need to go with portable ramps that can help you get to the gym or to the grocery store to get healthy food. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you find a mobility solution.

Interacting With People With Limited Mobility

There are millions of people with limited mobility, but many of us are unsure about how to interact with them.

There are millions of people with limited mobility, but many of us are unsure about how to interact with them.

We see, hear, and read about individuals with limited mobility all the time. However, we don’t often educate ourselves on the best way to communicate with someone who uses a wheelchair or mobility scooter. While you should talk to them just as you do everyone else, EZ-ACCESS wants you to know there are things you need to consider when interacting with someone who has limited mobility.

It is always important to respect the personal space of those around you and this includes an individual using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Don’t push someone’s wheelchair unless they ask you to. Some people may take offense to this gesture while others may be grateful. If you are talking to someone in a wheelchair for a long period of time, take a seat or kneel down so they don’t have to crane their neck throughout the entire conversation in order to see you.

Never park in handicapped parking spaces. Parking in a space designated as accessible for those with limited mobility is not only selfish, it’s illegal. Accessible parking spaces are very valuable and forcing someone using a wheelchair to park far away from the door is rude and a major inconvenience.

It is important that you do not just see a disability when you look at an individual. Everybody has different abilities but each person is still who they are. Individuals are not defined by the challenges they may or may not face. Interact with each person based on their thoughts and feelings instead. Individuals living with limited mobility do not want to talk about it all the time. This is not the sole thing that makes them who they are and they are not looking for your pity.

All people, no matter what their abilities are, have something to contribute and deserve to be treated with respect.  It is important to understand that, and try to find knowledge about things you aren’t sure about. EZ-ACCESS understands that seniors and individuals with disabilities live independent and mobile lifestyles. We work to provide these individuals and their families with the proper knowledge and equipment to live an active life.

Give Back to a Veteran This Christmas

Learn how you can donate to help our veterans have a good holiday

Learn how you can donate to help our veterans have a good holiday

Christmas is the season of giving! Who better to give back to than our nation’s heroes who have sacrificed so much for us? The holidays are a great time of year to show our veterans how much we appreciate them for their service. If you are looking for a way to help a veteran this holiday season, EZ-ACCESS has a few suggestions for you.

Volunteer at your local Veterans Affairs location

Veterans Affairs (VA) residential homes or hospitals usually have older veterans who are either hospitalized or living alone in a residential center. Paying a visit to a few veterans could brighten their holiday. Most care centers also have fundraisers and events where you can volunteer. Contact your local VA office to find out how you can best provide your time and resources.

Help a military family

The holidays can be an especially tough time for the families of our military. There are different organizations such as Operation Christmas Spirit and Thank Military Families that have adopt-a-family programs. Military families submit Christmas wish lists and the donors who adopt the family help purchase the items from their list. There are also programs like Toys for Tots and Operation Home Front that ensure children of military personnel receive gifts each Christmas.

Make a donation

Many veteran organizations accept donations of clothing, furniture, household items, airline miles, bonds, and more year-round. Cars for Veterans is a unique program that accepts both running and non-running vehicle donations to help fund different veteran programs. Organizations such as American Legion, USO, Honor Flight Network and Veterans of Foreign Wars are also admirable causes to donate to. These programs depend on the generosity of others to thrive and help veterans live the life of dignity that they deserve.

Donating your time or money can make this holiday season one to remember for a veteran. Many may not have family surrounding them and could just use a companion or a little extra help. Celebrate the giving spirit of the season and help a veteran this Christmas.

EZ-ACCESS strives to help and serve our veterans with our products and services every day. Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed for our country. We want to wish our veterans and customers alike a very happy holiday!